How to Make Better Smoothies at Home

smoothie making tips

There is something about smoothies that makes them delicious, refreshing and super-healthy and you wish you could have it every time. The icing to this piece of cake is that smoothies taste better and cost cheaper at home. Do you remember visiting a friend or relative who made the best smoothie? After having the smoothie you then tried making your own but it just did not taste as good as you wanted? No need to worry as you will no longer be needed to go to the store or restaurant to get the best smoothies. Here is a guideline on how to choose the right blender, the right ingredients and finally how to get a better glass of homemade smoothie.

Get The Right Blender

First things first, you can’t make a smoothie without a blender, unless you want to try pestle and mortar-which I highly advise against! A smoothie is as good as the blender that was used to make it. You don’t want to serve pudding in the name of a smoothie.

There are numerous types of blenders available in the market today. You should consider the number of smoothies you will be making when you buy a blender. I would suggest that if you are a family or regular smoothie maker, get a restaurant level smoothie. Although it will cost you more, you will enjoy an easier time using the blender as compared to the old blender you inherited from your college roommate. You can undertake proper research on popular smoothie maker models that are ideal for home use before getting one.

Stock up on Ingredients Needed

There are four basic ingredients to getting the right smoothie namely fruits, liquid, protein, and other additions.


Fruits act as the base of the smoothie and that is why you need to stock up well on fruits. Make the selection healthier and nutritious by buying different types of fruits. A tip here is that once you buy the fruits you can stock them in a tray or freeze them.


You should choose the right liquid to go with your fruit. The flavor of the liquid should complement that of the fruits in stock. Furthermore, the liquid should not add unnecessary calories to the smoothie. Water is a natural choice here as it works with any type of fruit. It is advisable to keep off juices and only use limited amounts of 100% fruit juice if necessary.


Fruits are not the only base that can be used as you can also use some protein in your smoothie. The protein can be added as milk or milk products such as cheese, yogurt, or nut butter to boost protein levels. Afterall smoothies are about getting healthier and delicious drinks.

Other additions (Smoothie Boosts)

You always need to stock nutritious ingredients to have better tasting smoothies and that is why you need to stock on nutritious supplements. You can start with vegetables if you want to make the smoothie healthier and greener. Baby kales or spinach make the best vegetables to add to your smoothie to give it a rich green color. You could also go overboard to include carrots, avocados, cucumber, and cauliflower.

You should also consider spices like ginger and cinnamon seeds to spice up the smoothie. Other additions that will come handy include cocoa powder, oats, flaxseeds and chia seeds.

Guide to Preparation

The smoothie will taste better if it is prepared using the right procedure. The first procedure is deciding what will be blended. You should come up with the right proportions by following a guideline on the right size per ingredient. The next step is to ensure that you clean up the blender and the ingredients that need cleaning. A tip here is to prepare all ingredients a night before then freeze them.

Once the ingredients are ready you should pour them into the blender and then add the desired liquid. If you are using frozen ingredients use less liquid.

Are you wondering why you were stocking up all those ingredients? Well, you should also experiment with fruits and proportions to come up with the best combinations that are delicious to you. Once the smoothie is ready you can serve with a slice of lemon or mint leaves to add taste.


Smoothies make life smoother and having a glass of the best homemade smoothie is bringing heaven to your household. The tips above are meant to guide you on how to make better smoothies in our own house. If you feel the smoothie is too healthy, a tip is that you could make a milkshake kind of smoothie by adding coconut milk or peanut butter!



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