Don’t Call It a Comeback: 5 Retro Home Decor Ideas

retro home decor

Are you in the process of refreshing your home’s interior? There are a lot of styles you can incorporate in your project.

You can go modern, rustic, or retro. Believe it or not, retro and vintage looks are making a comeback. It wasn’t that long ago when vintage was threatened by IKEA’s clean and modern home decor designs.

How can you bring a retro home decor style back an into your home? Keep reading to learn the top retro home decor ideas to brighten up your home.

1. What’s Your Theme

When you’re doing the interior of your home, you have to start from the outside. You want to have an interior that works seamlessly with the home’s architecture. That’s not easy to do if your architecture is one style and your personal style is completely different.

You want to have a defining style that pairs well with the architecture of the home. For example, a mid-century modern home would be perfect for a retro look.

2. Combine Styles

What if you’re not sure what your style is? You can combine styles, but you have to do so in a way that’s subtle. Having too many different pieces that are different styles can create a room that’s too busy.

Let’s say you have a modern look throughout your home. It is possible to keep the modern style while adding retro pieces throughout your space.

For example, keeping a bright look with clean lines in a modern style can have a bold retro dresser or trunk to complement the look. It provides enough contrast to keep the space interesting.

You can also lean more into retro home decor and then add modern pieces as accents.

3. Start Small

You can always dip your toe in the water before diving into changing your entire home decor. You can start by adding retro accents like popcorn tins in an area of the home to see how you like the style contrast.

You can then take an additional step by adding retro colors and larger pieces of furniture.

4. Don’t Forget About Lighting

Lighting is an important, yet forgotten part of interior design. You can play with different light fixtures to emphasize a different retro period.

You can go with a lampshade look that was popular in the 70s or stay with simple aluminum lighting from the 60s, you can create the perfect lighting to complement the rest of the room.

5. Go Geometric

Geometric shapes can create a retro look or compliment a modern style in your home. You can incorporate geometric shapes in your lighting fixtures, or accent pieces like rugs and mirrors.

It’s a great way to bridge the gap between the two styles.

Creating Retro Home Decor

When you’re looking to refresh the look of your home, try to integrate retro home decor into your home. Retro is a great style because you can blend it with other, modern styles.

Do you want more great home decor tips? Check out the home section of this site for more handy articles.


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