5 reasons holidaymakers return to the Niagara Falls again and again

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are pretty special. So, it is no surprise that they are on a lot of people’s bucket lists. These beautiful waterfalls do not disappoint – they are breathtaking. So much so, that millions of visitors return there several times throughout their lifetime. Here are some of the reasons that is the case.

First-class hotels

Every year, around 30 million people visit the area. As a result, when it comes to accommodation, you are spoilt for choice. Everything from high-end five-star hotels like the Niagara Falls Marriott and small family-run B&Bs are available.

Understandably, for such a special trip, many visitors decide to spend a little more and stay in a luxury hotel. If you like staying in hotels that offer spas, rooftop restaurants, luxury rooms and spectacular views you are spoilt for choice, there are plenty of them and they are surprisingly affordable.

Plenty of entertainment options

Once you have had your fill of the beautiful waterfalls, there are all kinds of things for you to do and see. For families, the areas ‘wacky’ museums, theme, and water parks are ideal. There are also theatres, magic shows, comedy, live music and much more besides on offer. It is hard to be bored when you stay in the area. As well as all of this, most weeks you can attend one of the special events that are put on for visitors to enjoy. 

Surrounded by unspoiled nature

Nature lovers also enjoy visiting Niagara Falls. The Falls themselves are a wonder to behold. In addition, beyond the towns where everyone stays, much of the area is totally un-spoilt. Riding along the 53-kilometer Niagara Recreational Trail is a fantastic example of an experience that enables you to get close to and enjoy this pristine natural environment. You can read more about the activities that lovers of nature can enjoy from this website.

The waterfalls are located close to other interesting locations

The Niagara Falls are also a good jumping-off point for other holiday adventures. For example, you can easily visit both Canada and America on the same day, if you want.

If you are staying on the Canadian side, day trips to Toronto, Buffalo, Lake Erie, the Seneca lakes and falls and many more destinations are possible. A lot of people really enjoy taking a coach trip to some of the vineyards that are located within a few hours drive of the waterfalls.

Great food

There are hundreds of places to eat in. Every taste and budget is catered for. So, it is not hard to find a dining experience you will like, including fine-dining. But, don’t look for Michelin stars to decide where to eat. The famous guide does not cover Canada, which is why there are currently no Michelin star restaurants listed for the country. It is certainly not an indication that the food is not good enough for restaurants to qualify to be added to the list. The standard of food available in Canadian restaurants is, in fact, very high.

If you fancy trying something a bit different, take one of the food tours. There are plenty to choose from.


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