5 Signs a Child Has Suffered Babysitter Abuse

babysitter abuse

Leaving your child alone with someone is always a difficult task. However, you deserve a little time out every now and again, according to Urbansitter reviews site iParentingLife.com. When choosing a babysitter, you want to know your child is well taken care of.

58% of parents hire a sitter at least once a month. That’s someone you’re entrusting with your child every few weeks.

A good babysitter is trustworthy and honest. If you feel your babysitter is the opposite, it’s time to start asking questions.

Here are five signs of babysitter abuse.

If you start noticing these signs, don’t wait. Instead, terminate your sitter and look for someone you can trust. Get started by keeping an eye out for these five signs of a bad babysitter.

1. Your Child Is Afraid

One of the top indicators of babysitter abuse is that your child is afraid of the babysitter.

Watch how your child reacts to the sitter. Are they anxious or withdrawn? For some children, this is a normal response as they adjust to a new caregiver.

Your child might pout, cry, or throw a tantrum when you leave—at first. However, if this behavior doesn’t improve in time, you might want to remain suspicious.

Your child should feel comfortable after spending time with the sitter.

If they don’t, it could indicate a more serious problem.

2. The Sitter Acts Secretively

When you return home, is your child excited to tell you what they were up to? If they’re keeping a secret, it could indicate a problem.

Your babysitter should remain open and honest. They should tell you how they’re spending time with your child. If they’re keeping a secret, or obviously lying, keep an eye out.

3. Too Many Accidents

66% of parents would pay more for a babysitter who has safety training. If your child is constantly getting into “accidents” under your babysitter’s watch, it could indicate babysitter abuse.

A few accidents are normal. Kids are fast and they constantly get into things they shouldn’t.

However, frequent accidents and bruises could mean your sitter isn’t supervising the child.

If they hide the cause of the accident, it could mean they’re hiding abuse. Consider asking for help if you notice these signs of childcare abuse.

4. Your Child Looks Unkempt

When you return home, does your child look dirty or unkempt?

It’s normal for your child to get a little messy. However, your sitter should wash their hands and face after they’ve eaten. If your sitter can’t handle the basics of keeping your child clean and fed, they’re a bad babysitter.

5. Changes in Your Child’s Behavior

Major shifts in your child’s behavior could also indicate a bad babysitter. These include:

  • Nightmares/night terrors
  • Bedwetting
  • Your child becoming withdrawn or clingy

Ask your child about their time with the sitter when the babysitter isn’t around. If something went wrong, your child might not talk out of fear of repercussions. Let them know they’re safe and nothing bad will happen.

Bad Babysitter: 5 Signs Your Child Has Suffered Babysitter Abuse

If you have a bad gut feeling about your babysitter, listen to it. Keep an eye out for these five signs of babysitter abuse. If you experience these issues, terminate your sitter and look for help elsewhere.

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