Convenient and Kid-Friendly Travel Companions

kid-friendly travel companions

When it comes to saving space so you don’t have to leave any of your favorite supplies at home, OOLY has you covered. Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t take everything with you. Choose art supplies that are conveniently sized, kid-friendly, and perfect for traveling.

Doubling Up

When your art supplies can pull double duty, you don’t need as many. Throw in a package of double up markers and you’ll have every color you need in a smaller space, allowing you to leave full size markers at home. And they’re washable, making them the perfect solution for a clean and kid-friendly backseat.

A set of Drawing Duet Double Sided Markers also allows you to have double the fun without double the space. The oval shaped barrel prevents them from rolling away, so it doesn’t matter how you move, your markers will always be by your side.

When it comes to the perfect all-in-one writing solution, take your 6 click multicolor gel pens along so you won’t miss out on all of your colorful journaling to go with your colorful travel plans.

Sketch and Color colored pencils are also a terrific solution for supplies that can do it all. You can sketch in detail with a fine point, do gentle shading, or color your creations with every color of the rainbow. The three graphite pencils and sharpener give you flexibility to sketch first and color after while keeping everything sharpened and ready to go.

Sketching on the Road

Cute cats, friendly foxes, and delightful dogs are trusted companions on your long journey. On the plane, in the car, or at the hotel, these carry along sketchbooks have convenient handles so you can grab and go with an easy closure to keep all of your treasured artwork inside.

The convenient size means you can carry them anywhere in your backpack, or any carry on you want to keep with you at all times. Get all three for an unlimited supply of fun and a generous supply of sketch paper.

DIY Cover Sketchbooks provide more than just simple sketch paper. Make your sketchbook uniquely you with a DIY cover, too. Choose from two different sizes, including a small size that’s perfect for traveling.

Plain white paper provides a blank canvas to journal your travels or sketch scenery on the road while DIY Cover Sketchbooks with black paper are the perfect backdrop for neon or pastel gel pens and eye-popping color.

Built-in elastic straps keep everything safe inside while perforated pages enable you to tear out your artwork and share with friends.

No Supplies Needed

For the minimalist traveler, grab a few scratch and scribble art kits so all you have to do is scratch to reveal the colorful designs. Llamas, cats, unicorns, flamingos, and other furry and exotic creatures will diversify your creations and make it easy to doodle and pass the time on vacation.

These clever kits offer a relaxing and therapeutic experience that allows you to put creativity aside and just color. The kit is small enough to fit into any bag and the fine tipped scratching tool gives you the flexibility to create even the most intricate designs to bring a life all your own to the doodles.

With a whole host of other supplies with resealable travel cases and washable materials, you can experience stress-free, kid-friendly art no matter where you go. Toss it all in your luggage and go without worrying about losing any of it or getting anything dirty.

Art isn’t meant to be contained, and your art supplies should be either. OOLY offers convenient solutions that you can take with you so that when inspiration strikes, you’re prepared.


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