Plan to Settle Down Here: Best Cities to Retire to in the U.S.

Plan to Settle Down Here: Best Cities to Retire to in the U.S.

According to Forbes, nearly 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. If you’re one of these fortunate individuals, it’s time to consider where you’d like to live so you can enjoy your golden years to the fullest.

Here’s a list of the 10 best cities to retire. So grab your Bermuda shorts and golf clubs and read on.

1. Bradenton, Florida

24% of the population here are seniors 65 years and older. If you fit this demographic, you’ll be in good company.

Average yearly expenses are around $59,615 and average home prices hit around $289,990. It’s one of the less costly Florida towns that are ideal for retiring.

In Bradenton, you’re just a short drive from exciting downtown Tampa Bay or Ybor city. You’re also right against Bradenton Beach and other beautiful beaches within an hour’s drive.

If you’re interested in Florida wildlife, the Manatee Aquarium is just down the road.

2. Virginia Beach, Virginia

A lovely combination of both urban and rural lifestyle, Virginia Beach, Virginia is the best of both worlds. Low crime, ocean-front views, and great health-care all contribute to the appeal of this stunning place.

It’s rich in history and natural beauty. If water sports like fishing, canoeing, or sailing interest you, Virginia Beach has them all.

Take the grandkids to some of the many festivals or the Sandler Center for Performing Arts. You can also enjoy all 4 seasons without dealing with extremes in any.

3. Athens, Georgia

If you’re interested in retiring somewhere with a growing economy and a 29% lower than average home cost, Athens is your spot. Homes here are only around $177,000 on average.

Close proximity to beaches and mountains, in combination with mild versions of all 4 seasons, the beauties and natural diversity of Athens are worth seeing.

A college town, there is plenty in the way of entertainment and energy.

Georgia also exempts Social Security Income and up to $35,000 of retirement income for people 62-64 years old.

4. Corpus Christi, Texas

Wow, it’s inexpensive to live in Corpus Christi. Only around $49,500 in expenditures a year and an average home price of $200,000.

Corpus Christi is a short distance from Mustang Island and South Padre Island. It’s an inlet near the Gulf of Mexico so beach lovers, you’re welcome for this one.

Take your visitors to the Texas State Aquarium or on a fishing trip off the Gulf. The 65 and older population makes up about 13% of the city’s total.

5. Sarasota, Florida

There’s a reason there are so many Florida cities listed on our best cities to retire list.

Florida is inexpensive, beautiful, diverse, relaxing and exciting all in one. If you’re hoping to retire somewhere the grandkids will want to visit, Florida is unbeatable.

In Sarasota, you’re only a couple hours from Disney World and various other major theme parks like Busch Gardens and more.

Sarasota boasts it’s own sandy beaches and is also the entry point for several other stunning spots along the gulf. Siesta Key beach is one of the more popular hot-spots.

The Ringling Museum of Art, various shopping areas, restaurants, and golf courses provide plenty of culture and entertainment. Not to mention, the average annual expenditures are only around $59,830.

Sarasota is ranked No. 3 among best places to retire by U.S. News and World Report.

6. Bella Vista, Arkansas

Are you a hiker or lover of gorgeous mountains? Spend your retirement exploring the scenic Ozarks near Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Get ready for a long list of reasons this city is perfect for retirement: low crime rate, a high number of doctors, an average home price of $171,000, a good economy and no state income tax on social security.

That, and it’s stunning. Surrounding by lakes and rivers, this city also has a warm climate and good air quality.

7. Laredo, Texas

History buffs, Laredo could be your stop. The city has sworn allegiance to 7 different countries in the last 261 years. Near the border, you can easily travel to and from Mexico.

There are several historic districts to visit and explore. Annual expenditures here are only around $49,880 and homes can be purchased for an average of about $182,000.

8. Green Valley, Arizona

It’s warm, sunny, and full of great retirement communities. Just 20 miles south of Tucson, there’s the benefit of getting the smaller town feel while still being close to a bigger city.

In Green Valley there’s no need to worry about inclement weather, freezing winters, or driving in the snow. You’ll soak in the sunshine all year long with lovely, mild winters that are perfect for outdoor adventuring.

The average home price is $189,000, 24% below the national average. Plus, there’s no state income tax on social security benefits.

9. Charlotte, North Carolina

With a strong economy and good ratio of doctor per capita, Charlotte, North Carolina may be a smart retirement location for some. The average home prices are around $244,000 which is about 10% below the national average.

Combine southern charm with urban energy and you’ll find plenty of diverse entertainment, food, and activities to keep you busy.

Charlotte hits a sweet spot on the eastern coast where the climate isn’t too hot and isn’t too cold. It’s great, mild weather that can be enjoyed all year.

10. Clearwater, Florida

Right between the Gulf of Mexico and diverse Tampa Bay, Clearwater has a high number of doctors per capita. You’re also close to Clearwater Beach and many other sandy, Florida beaches.

The city is highly bike-able so getting around is easy. Of course, with the average home price only around $211,000 you may not need to save the extra cash by biking.

Baseball fans will also enjoy the fact that Clearwater is home to the Philadelphia Phillies during spring training. Clearwater is also one of many Florida cities with a variety of gated retirement communities to choose from.

Best Cities to Retire in 2020

When choosing between the best cities to retire in 2020, be sure to do your research. Comparing the cost of living, tax breaks, and understanding your own ideals for a perfect retirement will be essential in choosing the best spot.

After all, when it comes to where you hang your hat during your golden years, you should be thoroughly pleased. Browse the Travel portion of our blog for ideas on fun retirement travel destinations.


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