Wok Ring for Gas Stove | Tips to Choose, Use, Maintain and Care


Wok ring for gas stove plays a role as the wok’s protector. At the same time, being the wok’s protector from below the gas stove doesn’t make wok ring invulnerable to health risks.

Those ways, there are tips to choose and use them that you can follow. Don’t forget to maintain and care for this one of essential wok accessories to make sure your wok ring serves your cooking experiences well.

Tips To Choose The Best Wok Ring For Your Gas Stove

BTU is the most important thing you should consider when choosing the best wok for your gas stove. 

For regular individual uses, it is best to use the ones with around 7,000 to 8,000 BTU. Meanwhile, 9,000 to 11,000 BTU is best for small households with around 3 people in the same house.

The lower the BTU is, the least likely the burning gas will emerge from the wok, stoves, or other kitchen appliances. 

At the same time, wok rings with BTU that is too low will have lower heat. Since gas stoves need more heating than electric stoves, this can affect food quality as well. Vegetables, for example, will be too watery when served.

You will need more wok ring or other essential tools if the wok ring you use have BTU that doesn’t meet the least standard.

How Can You Use Wok Rings For Your Gas Stove

Now that you’ve found the right wok rings with the right BTU amount for your gas stove

The next problem you want to tackle is, how can you use them, especially when cooking is your everyday needs?

  • First of all, you need to place your wok at the center of the wok’s ring. If you can adjust your wok rings’ shapes, you can also do it so each of the angles will hold the bottom-center part of your wok.
  • This is to distribute the heat on the bottom of your wok in equal amounts. This will make your foods less soupy or watery. The oils and butter you use to cook your ingredients will also melt without impacting the taste of your foods.
  • You’d want to place the larger-sized rings on the bottom and the smaller-sized ones on top if you have more than one wok rings for your stove. The lower your wok ring’s BTU, the more likely you’d want to place them on the bottom. So, what if your larger-sized rings have higher BTU than your smaller-sized rings?
  • In such cases, separate one wok ring from another. Divide into groups until you have larger-sized rings with the lowest BTU score at the bottom covering the stove.

Maintaining Your Gas Stove’s Wok Rings’ Qualities

You have bought your wok rings that are compatible with your gas stoves. You have used it for a while as well. Now, you need to make sure your rings remain high-quality over the years.

Here, always adjusting your wok rings’ shapes to make them fit into the gas stoves is the key. Another key to maintaining your wok rings’ qualities is to store inside a proper place every time after use.

Most of the wok rings that can hold wok on gas stoves have spaces for you to bend the shape. You can mark those spaces with markers or pens according to each side of your gas stoves. 

Using tools as in angle grinders or other cutting wheels, you adjust your wok rings’ shapes according to the points you have marked. 

Then, make sure your modified wok rings are a tight fit for your gas stoves. Repeat the steps until your whole wok rings are a tight fit.

After you clean your wok rings after you finish in processing your foods, always remember to store your wok rings inside a cool dry place.

It is recommended that you have access to refrigerators. When you do, store your wok rings on the bottom shelves of your refrigerators. 

Remember to store shelves without any dry ices in it. You won’t want your wok rings to freeze or dysfunction when you cook again.

If you don’t have access to refrigerators in your household, it is also okay to store inside a cool dry room. Make sure the AC temperature is set for around 16 to 18 degrees Celcius so that it will preserve your wok rings’ qualities.

Tips To Care For Your Gas Stoves’ Wok Rings

  • Heating is the key when you think about caring for your gas stoves’ wok rings. 
  • The higher the heat you use while cooking with your gas stoves, wok rings, and wok, the better it is.
  • Even when you are doing your wok rings cleaning routines after you cook, you should prepare warm to hot water. 
  • Then, and only then, mix with liquid cleaning soaps to rinse the dirt and stains in and on your wok rings. Do these for around 5-15 minutes depending on how dirty the wok rings are. These are to loosen food ingredients that are stuck inside while processing your foods.
  • You will also need around 2 times more soft sponges when you rub your wok rings’ surfaces compared to your other kitchen utensils. 
  • At some points, you will also need smaller-sized vacuum cleaners to remove dust from your wok rings. Be sure to separate the wok rings from the gas stove inside a cool dry place before turning on your vacuum cleaners.
  • Now that you’ve known how to choose, use, maintain and care for your wok rings…
  • …You can rest assured that the foods you produce using gas stoves will taste delicious for you and your whole household members.
  • You can also reduce the risks of your disturbed health as well.


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