How to Include Metallics In Your Home Decor

How to Include Metallics In Your Home Decor

Are you looking to add a bit of glamour and level up your home decorations this year? Every year brings new trends and styles in decoration, and the latest hit is metallic accents. Whether it is in pure gold, bronze, silver, rose gold, or any other color, these details stand out and represent real eye-catchers. So if you are ready to impress your friends and family this holiday season, keep reading to find our tips for decorating with metallics, without going over the top.

Keep it Neutral

Metallic colors and items are very strong, visually, they stand out, so it is best to combine them with neutral setups and backgrounds. Otherwise, it can go a little bit over the top and turn into kitsch. Taupe and gray shades, along with white of course, will only enhance the beauty of creative metal pieces.

Metallic Stationery

Your boring work desk can turn from a creative mess into a beautifully curated work area with the help of items you would typically find on a desk. Lamps, pens, paperclips, pencil holders, scissors, etc. All these items can nowadays be found in all metallic colors. You can either go monochromatic and choose everything in rose gold, for example.

How to Include Metallics In Your Home Decor

Contemporary Furniture

There are so many beautiful coffee tables and chairs with metal construction, but you can also find metal doorknobs and details for kitchen cabinets that will add a bit of sparkle. Furniture pieces are a great option for minimalistic and elegant approach, with clean lines, especially in darker shades, because in that case, metallic hardware will really show off.

Trending Colors

No one should follow the trends blindly, but gold and silver have been around for ages, so we can almost consider them classics. Copper, on the other hand, was a huge hit a few years ago, but now it is not so popular. If you want something that is timeless, do not go too crazy with metallic colors and mixing them. It is always better to settle with classics.

Stylish Bedding

Yes, you can introduce metal accents to your bedroom even with a new bedding set. Options are endless; you can find a simple, elegant pattern design with just a few goldish stripes or a lush pattern with ornaments and lots of details. Anyway, your bedroom will all of a sudden look like a fancy suite in a luxury 5-star hotel.

How to Include Metallics In Your Home Decor

Statement Pendant Light

Pendant lights nowadays look like a piece of contemporary art sculpture, and they are far from being just a functional item. Most of them are massive, with a lot of bulbs and have an interesting metal structure. It is a great statement piece that goes well with minimalistic or industrial design.

Affordable Options

Metallic items look expensive, but they do not always have to come with an expensive price tag, and usually, there is always a way to get the same effect with a smaller budget. Here are our suggestions for some affordable items that can enhance every interior design.

Decorative pillows with metallic thread or beads can certainly transform your old dull sofa or living room arrangement. You can even use old pillows and only buy new shiny covers. Display a few of them around and watch your space sparkle.

Mirrors are shiny enough, but add a decorative frame in gold or silver, and there you have your statement wall piece. The bigger, the better.

Candle holders also come in all shapes and sizes and metallic colors. If you are into DIY projects, you can buy a metallic can spray and simply spray it over an old candle holder, or a glass. You can apply this approach to pretty much everything else.

How to Know if Metallics are The Right Choice?

You want to change something, but you do not know how or where to start? You want to experiment, but at the same time, you do not want to regret it next season when the trend is over? Then start decorating with accessories and small items that can easily be removed. For example, picture frames, candle holders, cups, figurines, etc. Play with them a bit, move them around to see how well they go with the rest of your interior, and give them a chance to fit in.

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