Summer Style Tips for Men

Summer Style Tips for Men 2 (1)

As the warmer weather and the soaring temperatures of summer slowly creep closer, it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. Of course, it might not be the right moment to crack out the shorts and flip-flops just yet, but before you know it, the peak of the summer season will be here once again!

While women’s fashion offers a multitude of different choices for warmer weather, many men can end up feeling a little limited when browsing clothing racks to see just a few variations of the same old, tired, summer outfits. 

So, for that reason, here are some great summer style tips for men, guaranteed to get you looking and feeling your best whatever the weather!

Beat the Heat

While fashion is always going to be a high priority, when the warmest weather hits, your absolute top priority should be keeping your cool. Loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing is your best friend this season, and you can definitely pack away your jumpers, coats, and winter boots for the time being. It’s a good idea to keep a light jacket to hand for those cooler summer evenings, but for the most part, this is the season where you will be living in lightweight shirts and t-shirts. 


As already mentioned above, your summer wardrobe should consist primarily of light-coloured clothes. Not only are these more in keeping with the midsummer look, but paler colours will keep you cooler and help you keep your calm throughout the heatwave. Where possible, it’s best to avoid black-coloured clothing during summer as darker shades have the opposite effect!


Who says that jewellery is just for women? With men’s jewellery becoming increasingly popular, summer 2019 is the perfect time to pick out a few key jewellery items and showcase them in style. Whether you opt for a subtle, classic look or prefer to make a statement, jewellery is the perfect multi-purpose summer accessory. For a laid-back beach vibe, opt for stacking bracelets in worn leather or summery beads. For a day-to-night look, you can’t go far wrong with a shining silver signet ring. Finally, for those more formal occasions, why not invest in a bold tie clip or a pair of cufflinks with a seasonal theme?

Socks: Yes or No?

While we all know that the dreaded socks and sandals combination is a definite no-no, the fashion rules around wearing socks in summer can be a little hard to follow. Essentially, wearing socks or not will largely depend on the type of shoe you have chosen. In the office and on formal occasions, you will definitely want to wear socks. Plumped for trainers? Ankle socks are your friend here. Loafers? To keep comfortable in the heat, fake the sockless look with shoe liner socks. No-one will know they’re there, but you will definitely thank yourself for them! Sandals or flip-flops? You already know the answer to this one!


On the hottest days of the year, even multiple showers a day aren’t enough to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day. Try your best to keep cool, but if you are still struggling with the heat, a seasonal, summery fragrance is perfectly placed to help you out. Top tip: if you’re out and about or stuck in the office all day, carry your chosen fragrance with you for any emergencies!

Are you feeling inspired by these summer style tips? There’s no better time than the present to have a clear out of your wardrobe, take stock of what you’ve got, and start shopping around to pick up the best new pieces to get you looking your best this summer. Bring it on!


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