Retractable Baby Gate: Pros and Cons 


For parents, baby gates are the most essential item when the arrival of a little one is expected. If you live in a double story house, then it becomes a necessity. Using baby gates for stairs the right way can prove to be efficient and help you make your home baby-proofed.  

Baby gates come in different types and sizes that suit your household. One of the types includes a retractable baby gate. A retractable safety gate is ideal for stairs. Whether you want to place them at the top or at the bottom, both areas work and keep your child away from climbing up or down the stairs.  

If you are planning to buy a baby gate soon, then this guide can help you buy the best retractable child gate. Learn about the pros and cons of having a retractable baby gate so that you know what you will be dealing with.  

How Does a Retractable Gate Work?  

It comes with an internal spring that can rewind the mesh automatically. The mesh can rewind if the lock is open to prevent any accident. A retractable child safety gate retracts quietly and automatically. Its opening and closing process is straightforward which makes it simple to use it.  

What Would You Need to Install Baby Safety Gate? 

There are many options for installing a retractable child gate like a wall to wall, stair post to wall, banister to the banister, doorway, or entryway installation. No matter which option you choose there are some common tools that you would need to install a safety gate. These tools are: 

  • Wall spencer set 
  • Drywall anchor kit 
  • Stair banister adapter kit 

The installation process is simple and easy. But you have to be prepared so that you can do it in less than an hour.  

Pros and Cons of a Retractable Safety Gate for a Baby  

Having a baby safety gate can have its pros and cons. All of them serve as a helping tool to keep your baby away from any harm or danger. A retractable child safety gate makes your day-to-day tasks more manageable. It is easy to install and simple to use. Its features make it an ideal purchase for your house.  

However, with the pros, there are some cons. Let us help you to walk you through them, so you buy the retractable baby gate, knowing both its pros and cons.  

Pros of Retractable Safety Gates  


The material used for making a retractable baby gate can withstand pressure/force of 200 pounds. It is one of the best features of a retractable safety gate as it provides protection and safety to your child. If you have children in your house, then this will give them protection against rough play.  

Coils up Easily  

Some baby gates for safety get in the way when they are least needed. Some parents complain about being unable to remove it when they are not required. This is not the case with a retractable baby gate. It coils up quickly and you can keep it with the wall when it is not needed. This way it would not even show if you have guests over.  

Can be Used Anywhere  

While most baby gates limit you or put a restriction on using it, a retractable safety gate does not come with such limitations. You can use it anywhere you like. Whether it is a hallway or staircase, it is your choice. So convenience in terms of using it makes it the best retractable baby gate.  

Fits into Openings Easily  

These gates can fit into openings up to 6 feet wide. For some standard gates, you can buy an extension kit so that it can fit. Since it is retractable, you can easily install these gates into irregular openings.  

Fine Material 

Some gates use a smooth material. This material can protect your child if he bumps into the gate while crawling.  

Cons of Retractable Safety Gates   


One of the drawbacks of a retractable child gate is our fingers get injured during retraction. While it is quite uncommon, but many find it hard to keep their fingers safe while opening or closing it. If you are careful while retracting, you might avoid the injury altogether.  


Since it has a mesh panel, so cleaning becomes tricky. A mesh panel can get dirty. Spilling or your pet might be the reason for it. While soap and water can do the job just fine but, severe stains might take time to get off.  

Cheap Material  

If a retractable child gate uses cheap material, then you will see it soon after you buy it. It no longer is durable and can last for a short time. So, whenever you buy a retractable child safety gate, make sure you check the material.  


These are some pros and cons. A retractable baby gate serves its time and is beneficial, the disadvantages can be avoided by being careful. It is often a tiring task to know which is the best retractable baby gate.  At NetParents you can find the reviews for best baby gates. This list might save you time and a visit to the shop. 

Is a Retractable Gate Safe?  

You might ask about its safety features. Like all other types of safety gates, a retractable safety gate is also safe to use. It provides protection against falls and unexpected injuries. You need to be extra careful while retracting the gate; otherwise, it is entirely safe for your baby.  

Final Thoughts  

While you might find the baby safety gate hunting a little tiring, but it ensures the safety and protection of your child. Before you buy a baby gate, make sure you have thought it through. Since it is a one-time purchase, you need to be careful about it. Know everything there is about how to buy a baby gate.  A retractable baby gate with its pros and cons is an ideal purchase for your house. Make sure you know everything about it before you make the call. 


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