10 Design Tips That’ll Transform Any Tiny Bathroom

10 Design Tips That'll Transform Any Tiny Bathroom

The average modern full bathroom is about 40 square feet. Half and three-quarter baths are even smaller at 18 to 32 feet. (advvisioncenters.com) These may sound like large numbers, but in reality, they can be quite cramped.

A half bath is about three feet wide and six to eight feet long. This makes for a tiny bathroom once you add a sink and toilet.  Just because the square footage is smaller doesn’t mean the bathroom has to feel cramped.

Use these ten tips to transform your tiny bathroom.

1. Open up the Floor Space

One way you can make your tiny bathroom feel bigger is to get rid of the bulky and heavy furniture. Replace your traditional vanity with a pedestal sink or a vessel sink. This will open up the space below the sink and give the room a large feel.

You can do the same thing with any cabinets that are in the bathroom. Replace them with open shelving to remove the visual bulk that makes the space feel confining.

2. Go Vertical

You may be hesitant to remove your traditional vanity because it’s the only storage in the bathroom. This is an easy fix with a few shelves on the wall. Remember to keep the shelving light with open fronts and shallow shelves.

Try to place the shelving in places where you wouldn’t naturally walk. Above the sink or toilet are both great options.

3. Move Outside the Bathroom

If your bathroom is so small that you’re running out of space, consider moving the sink outside of the bathroom and into the next room or the hallway. You could create a nook area in the hallway outside of the bathroom.

Or you could move the bathroom storage to the hallway. Then you would keep your towels, appliances, and toiletries in this hall closet.

4. Let There Be Light

The right lighting can work magic to make any space seem bigger than it really is. You could accomplish this with natural lighting that comes through a large window. Or you could install artificial lighting.

A good rule of thumb is to have three different light sources in the room. You want a general ambient light, task lighting, and accent lighting. This will let you create the perfect mood.

5. Scale It Back

If you want to keep everything in the bathroom, and you want a traditional vanity, you still have options. Consider scaling the size of everything so that it fits the size of the bathroom.

Some companies can create beautiful custom bathroom vanities that fit your tiny bathroom perfectly. They could even give you a traditional looking vanity with storage but have it be open underneath along the floor.

6. Glass Is Your Friend

The clear nature of glass makes it perfect for tiny bathrooms. The human eye looks right through the glass and doesn’t register it as a wall. So the space will visually look larger because there isn’t a solid wall dividing it.

Try to replace your traditional shower curtain with glass for the shower. This will make the entire bathroom feel longer.

7. Add Some Mirrors

Another way to trick the eye is to add some mirrors. You’ll want to choose large mirrors, the bigger, the better. It will create a sense of depth when you look in the mirror and see the bathroom reflected back.

A natural place to put a mirror is over the sink, but you could use mirrors on the other walls too. Frame a mirror with a decorative picture frame and make it look artistic.

8. Pocket the Door

That swinging door takes up a ton of space. Instead, turn it into a pocket or barn door. Then it will slide open along the wall. This prevents it from opening up into the bathroom or outward into the hall.

Take advantage of this design element and make a statement with your barn door. Choose bold hardware and a decorative door made of reclaimed/restored wood.

9. Trick Your Eye with Tile

By using the lines of the tile, you can trick the eye into thinking the bathroom is longer than it really is. Choose a rectangular shaped tile to use on the floors and walls.

If you want the bathroom to feel longer, then you’ll install them so that the long side of the tile is parallel with the floor. If you want the bathroom to feel taller, then turn the tile 90 degrees so that it’s perpendicular to the floor.

The bright white rectangular subway tile is a classic look that is both beautiful and never goes out of style.

10. Build It in

Open shelving is great for keeping the space looking open, but sometimes even an open shelf can take up too much space. If this is the case in your bathroom, then it’s time to push the shelving in. Build the shelving into the walls, so it looks like an indented area in the wall.

The most common place you’ll see this type of shelving is in showers, but you can do it in other areas too. This type of shelving works really well if you have a pedestal sink or glass shower. The built-in shelving can help your bathroom look clutter-free.

Transform Your Tiny Bathroom

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your tiny bathroom, then you need to try these ten ideas. If you want to make minor changes, you can replace the sink, hang new light fixtures, and put up a new mirror.

Or if you’re looking to make a more extensive change, you can replace the tile, create a pocket door, or build some built-in shelving.

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