Your Guide to Comparing Hybrid vs Woods for Your Flooring

Your Guide to Comparing Hybrid vs Woods for Your Flooring

What if you could improve your home’s value from the ground up?

New flooring is one of the best ways to make a home feel brand new. However, homeowners often have a difficult time deciding between hybrid vs woods when they decide to ditch the carpeting.

Wondering which kind of flooring is best for your own home? Keep reading to discover the answer!

What Is Hybrid Flooring?

Chances are that you are well aware of wooden flooring. However, many are unfamiliar with hybrid flooring. And it is impossible to compare these flooring options without fully understanding each of them.

Hybrid flooring refers to vinyl flooring that has been mixed with different materials. The goal of this mixture is to provide the stability and affordability of vinyl with the aesthetic and the durability of hardwood flooring.

While that sounds great, hybrid floors still aren’t the best choice for every home or business. Before you begin tearing up your own floors, here are the factors that you should consider when picking out your flooring.

Water Considerations

You’ve likely encountered rotten wood at some time or another. The worst thing about such wood is that it cannot be repaired. Instead, the rotted material must be replaced altogether.

With traditional wooden flooring, you must be vigilant against potential water damage that can lead to rot. This includes everything from frequent drink spills all the way to a leaking ceiling.

One of the benefits of hybrid flooring is that it is completely waterproof. Not only does this provide peace of mind when it comes to water problems, but it allows you to put wood-like flooring in unexpected areas such as bathrooms and kitchens!

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Maintenance Requirements

Sometimes, you can answer hard questions with simple questions. When you’re trying to decide between hybrid and wood flooring, it may be enough to ask how much you like to clean the floor.

Cleaning and maintaining wooden furniture is a constant chore. The act of vacuuming or sweeping the surface dirt and grim is easy enough. However, you’ll have to bust out the wax and polish if you want to keep that surface looking nice and clean.

With hybrid floors, you can throw the wax and polish out entirely. Instead, all you need to do is run a mop over the surface and call it a day.

Such low-maintenance requirements may be exactly what you’ve been looking for in new flooring!

Open Concept Friendly

Some design concepts never change. For example, function dictates form. And emerging trends in home design and decoration influence the kinds of flooring homeowners desire.

For example, the open concept home has become very popular. Such a concept envisions the home as an open canvas upon which you can create just about anything, and it can make any space seem that much bigger.

That’s where hybrid flooring really shines. Remember when we said that you can put this waterproof flooring anywhere in the home? This creates a uniform look that helps you and your home bring “open concept” to life.

DIY Skill Level

Another simple question you should ask is how skilled you are at DIY installation and repair. If you don’t have much skill in this area, it may be worth ditching wood altogether.

Getting wood to lay right takes a lot of patience, and you may not have the tools (including hammers, crowbars, bezel tape, and more) on hand to pull it off.

Meanwhile, hybrid floors connect together like any other form of vinyl or laminate. The simple “tongue and groove” system means that you can install all of it without running to the store for more tools.

Aesthetic Considerations

Why are you even looking at hybrid and Why are you even looking at hybrid, and engineered wooden flooring options. For most homeowners, this comes down to specific aesthetic considerations.

Wood can make a home look more natural, giving the house a timeless quality. And wooden flooring also feels fancy, showing the world that you’ve put extra consideration into how everything looks.

At the same time, hybrid flooring offers a very similar aesthetic at a much cheaper price. If you have your heart set on the wooden look and don’t want to break the bank, hybrid may be your best choice.

Commercial vs Residential Needs

Which type of flooring is best for your home? It may come down to whether this is a commercial or residential property.

Wood is often better served in a private residence. That’s because it will be subject to less wear, tear, and spills in a home than in a business.

In a commercial setting, hybrid usually wins out. Because it is tough, durable, and waterproof,  such flooring will need to be cleaned and replaced less often than wooden flooring.

Sleep Schedules

One final consideration when it comes to wood vs hybrid is your sleep schedule. Do you generally sleep at the same time as your spouse and children?

This is important because real wooden flooring makes a distinct sound when you step on it. Meanwhile, hybrid flooring helps to absorb the impact and makes each step that much quieter.

Unless you want to wake the whole house up when you walk around at night, you may be better off choosing the quieter option.

Who Wins In Hybrid vs Woods?

With all that being said, the original question remains: who is the winner when it comes to hybrid vs woods?

Generally speaking, hybrid flooring is a superior choice for most homes and homeowners. It is more affordable while also offering greater durability and a waterproof surface.

At the same time, hybrid flooring offers the same aesthetic appeal as actual wooden flooring. You get the classic look you want at a lower price. And every inch of a hybrid floor is going to last longer than flooring made of wood.

One, Two, Three…Floor?

Now you know who wins in hybrid vs woods. But do you know where to get tips on the rest of your renovation dreams?

We specialize in making your home absolutely unforgettable. To see how we can bring each room to life, check out our decor and design tips today!


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