Lawn Mowing Tips for Effective Lawn Care

lawn mowing guide

People are too busy to spend several hours mowing a lawn and not get the desired results. Therefore, you want to do it properly when you get the chance so you can focus on other things. For many homeowners, mowing the lawn is an unwelcome chore and they would rather delegate the task to someone else than spend their weekend caring for their lawn. Whether you delegate the task to a lawn mowing St. Louis company or decide to do it yourself, caring for the appearance and beauty of your lawn is your sole responsibility and you should do it properly. Here’s a list of the best lawn mowing tips for effective lawn care.

Prepare your mower and lawn

This means using the right mower for the right lawn. In most suburban home lawns, gas-powered push mowers are often used to get the job done. They can be self-propelled or push-propelled and can be used on 0.5 acres or less. However, other options include manual reel mowers powered by the person pushing and are ideal for very small, flat lawns. They are also affordable and environment-friendly. On the other hand, electric push mowers tend to be less costly and quieter to operate but can be heavier and more expensive to acquire. They are ideal for small lawns (about 0.25 acres or less). Similarly, riding mowers tend to cost more than typical walk-behind propellers but are ideal for lawns larger than 0.5 acres. However, they are generally unsafe to use on steep hillsides.

It is also important to keep the mower blades sharp and set the mowing height to match your grass type and climate. If you are using gas-powered mowers, check the oil and fuel levels and get rid of debris, kids, and pets before you start mowing. Also, have the right gear and work on the lawn’s schedule, not yours.

Mown when the grass is dry

For most homeowners, mowing very early in the morning seems to be a good idea because it is cool outside. However, there’s often dew and the wet grass can clump up in the flappy thing located on the side (the discharge), forcing you to stop and get rid of the clog often. Besides, the mower tires do not get traction. This is why you should wait until mid or late morning or even later in the evening when there is no dew.

Cut the grass efficiently

Start with difficult-to-mow areas first, including around the perimeter and obstacles. If you’re working on sloped ground, mow side-to-side and back and forth in straight lines. However, ensure a slight overlap to get rid of all the grass. Also, ensure that sometimes you mow east to west and at other times to prevent the grass from bending over permanently in the row direction.

Allow the grass to get long

Taller grass tends to retain more water because it has deeper, healthier roots. Raise the deck on the lawnmower and allow the grass to get longer before cutting. You should also go slower to ensure no areas remain uncut. This will also ensure you get it right the first time and save time.

If you want to know how to mow your lawn properly, then these are the best lawn mowing tips for effective lawn care. just ensure you prepare adequately and adopt lawn mowing best practices, such as knowing when to mow, how tall to cut the grass, changing the direction of mowing, and going slowly to cut the grass properly.


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