Wake and Bake: 5 Awesome Weed Friendly Hotels in Colorado

Wake and Bake: 5 Awesome Weed Friendly Hotels in Colorado

In Colorado, hotels and private rental establishments can decide on their own marijuana policies for guests.

Unfortunately, many modern-day hotels are totally smoke-free. Many don’t openly advertise their pot-smoking policies.

It’s best to look for hotels that allow smoking and have balconies or outside smoking areas and then ask them about their policies.

Alternatively, read this insider’s guide to weed-friendly hotels in Colorado.

1. The Adagio

This hotel is one of the swankiest bud and breakfast Colorado establishments available.

It’s nestled in one of Denver’s most historic areas and offers plush spa treatments and beautiful surroundings.

Every morning, guests arise to wake and bake breakfasts where they can puff on their favourite lemon cherry gelato strain  and the end of the day brings happy hour with an open bar and suitably infused snacks.

It’s also conveniently located just 9 minutes drive from an excellent Denver Dispensary.

2. The Patterson Inn

Styled to look like a French Chateau, this upmarket hotel offers a luxurious stay to match its gorgeous exterior.

There are only nine rooms in this small B&B that features two designated smoking rooms and allows recreational marijuana use. You’re also allowed to vape in your room as long as you don’t offend the other guests.

It’s located at 420 E 11th Ave, Denver, so you’ll know right away that you’ve arrived in the right place for a marijuana-friendly stay. darmowe spiny bez depozytu

3. Weed-Friendly Hotels in Colorado for Budget Conscious Travelers

If you’re looking for something a little easier on the pocket, the 420 Hotel Denver is perfect for extended stays. It’s located right in the heart of the city’s downtown action.

You’re free to use a vaporizer in your room and you can smoke openly in the designated smoking areas as long as you don’t disturb the other guests.

Each suite has a full kitchen, clean and comfortable furnishings, and free Wi-Fi.

4. Boulder Adventure Lodge

If you crave the wide-open spaces that Colorado has to offer, head for these 420-friendly cabins in Colorado. Here you can enjoy all the outdoor fun that Boulder has to offer including slacklining and hiking.

You can smoke openly in designated areas, but not indoors, and each cabin comes with its own vaporizer.  Your stay includes a continental breakfast every morning.

The lodge has a beautiful mountainside setting and it’s just 5 minutes from town and all the conveniences of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.


The NATIV is one of the best-known marijuana-friendly hotels in Denver and was the first US hotel specifically designed for smokers.

Most of the 14 rooms have private balconies where you can light up in peace and the lobby coffee shop stocks CBD-infused coffees too. You can also order meals and drinks from an iPad in your room.

If you’re up for action, the hotel has an onsite nightclub and three full bars. It’s close to all Denver’s top Downtown attractions.

Enjoy What Comes Naturally

More doors are slowly opening for marijuana enthusiasts to enjoy pot without fear of retribution. So make the most of it.

Now that you know about the weed-friendly hotels in Colorado, keep browsing the rest of our blog for more articles on all things cannabis-related.


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