Moving to New Jersey: 9 Things You Should Consider

Moving to New Jersey: 9 Things You Should Consider

If you’re thinking of moving to New Jersey and joining the 8.9 million current residents, there are some things you need to know before you head off to the state of liberty and prosperity.

Living in New Jersey is unlike living in any other state and there are a few reasons for this. We are going to go over these reasons in the information below as well as talk more about making your move to New Jersey as smooth as possible.

Continue reading this article to get an insider look into life in New Jersey.

1. How Do You Feel About the Area?

When you’re moving to New Jersey, you may get very different feelings from one town to the other. Before you decide you’re going to move to a certain city in New Jersey, you need to make sure that you visit and see how it makes you feel when you’re there.

Not every town is for everyone. You may decide that you like the town up the road better which would make the cost of the trip worth it to avoid moving to a town you don’t love.

2. What Are the School Systems Like?

If you have school-aged children, look at the school systems and see if you’d feel good about sending your children to school there. Unless you want to pay to send your children to private school, this is a very important part of your moving decision.

3. What’s the Cost of Insurance?

Check to see what deals you can get on homeowners insurance before you move there. If you’re coming from the south, you might find that living in the north is a little more costly.

Finding the best new insurance providers for both your home and your vehicles is a must to keep from adding unnecessary costs.

4. Do You Like Snow?

If you don’t like snow then you aren’t going to like New Jersey. If you’re not ready to come up against two feet of snow when you went to bed without a flake in the sky then New Jersey might not be the state for you.

On the other hand, if you love snow and are more than happy when you open your windows to a winter wonderland then this is a great place for you.

5. Can You Deal With the Attitude?

We’re not sure why exactly, but natives of New Jersey are known to be angry people. If you look at them wrong, you’re likely to get a solo finger and don’t even talk about the driving.

If you can deal with, or even better, avoid the attitudes altogether, you’re going to be just fine.

6. Do You Love Natural Beauty?

Most people have no idea that New Jersey has many beautiful natural spots. Most people think of New Jersey and their minds immediately go to Atlantic City and the boardwalk.

The good news is that’s not all there is to see in New Jersey. There’s actually a lot of beauty to discover when you move to New Jersey.

From the Great Falls to the Palisades, there is beauty all around. Since most people don’t even know about these beautiful nature hotspots in New Jersey, you won’t have a lot of competition when you’re going to visit.

7. Do You Love Late Night Meals?

If you love an unhealthy meal late at night then you’re going to love New Jersey. There are plenty of diners that are open 24/7 and you’ll be able to get your fix of any greasy food that you like without having to wait until a “reasonable” hour.

8. Do You Like Paying Lower Living Costs?

If you’re moving from the south, this might not apply but if you’re coming from New York, you’re looking at paying significantly less money when it comes to your housing.

While your friends are up in New York living in a tiny apartment and paying a pretty penny for it, you’ll be able to live in a beautiful home without having to worry about space.

You aren’t too far from New York so if you want to go into the city and catch a broadway show, it’s just up the road and ready for you to explore.

9. Do You Hate Pumping Your Own Gas?

This is a rather odd one if you’ve never been to New Jersey. When you’re in New Jersey, you’re not allowed to pump your own gas.

It’s state law that you do not pump your own gas. And if you try to get out of your car to pump your own gas, you’re going to get yelled at by the attendant to stay in your car.

These attendants are paid to pump your gas. You don’t have to tip them, but you are allowed to tip them if you’re thankful for the service.

You’re a Pro at Moving to New Jersey

You haven’t even packed yet and you’re already a pro at moving to New Jersey after reading this article. We’ve gone over what to think about and find out beforehand and we’ve also looked at some of the reasons this state isn’t like any other.

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