Moving on Out: 8 Tips for a Stress Free Move

Moving on Out: 8 Tips for a Stress Free Move

About 35.5 million Americans move every year. For many people, the process of moving is tedious and stressful.

It shouldn’t feel that way. Instead, organizing yourself can help you prep for an easy move—no stress!

Keep reading to discover our eight tips for an easy move. With these tips, you can avoid major problems and prepare for quick fixes as needed. Simplify your next move with these eight tips!

1. Create a Moving List

The first step to staying organized for an easy move is to create a list of everything you need, Make sure to have the contact number of a reliable moving company like Movers in Chicago handy. After all, there’s a lot to remember. Day-to-day tasks can pop up, distracting you from what needs to get done before the big move.

Instead of accidentally forgetting something essential, a checklist can help you complete everything in the right order.

For example, you’ll need to complete a change of address form after you move. You’ll also want to update your driver’s license once you have your new address.

As you create your moving list, organize it based on your timeframe.

Think two months ahead to start. What do you need to get done?

Then, make a separate list for tasks to complete a month before the move. Add three more lists: one week before, a day before, and the day of.

These lists will help you stay organized throughout every step of your big move.

2. Prep Ahead

Do as much as you can before the week of moving day. Otherwise, you’ll end up scrambling to complete numerous tasks in a short amount of time.

For example, start decluttering. See if there are any possessions you can clear away and donate. The less you have to pack, the fewer boxes, the easier the move!

If you can, see if you can prep your new home ahead of time beforehand as well. For example, cleaning is a lot easier when you don’t have a done of boxes scattered throughout the door. Try to find time to clean floors, windows, the insides of closets and cabinets, and anything else to prepare your home for moving day.

3. Call Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a moving company. Instead, try to get this done a month in advance. Call at least three different moving companies to get multiple quotes.

During this time, you can also compare their prices and services.

That way, you’re able to find the best moving company in the area.

Make sure they’re insured and licensed as well. Otherwise, you might find yourself stressing out if possessions are lost or damaged. You can check out this article for tips to avoid moving damages the day of your big move.

4. Mark Your Boxes

42.2% of people move for housing-related reasons, such as switching to a new home. Whether you’re moving a state or block away, it helps to label all of your boxes as you pack them.

For an easy move, use sticky notes to list what’s packed within each box.

Then, number each of your boxes. Type up a list that notes which items are in each numbered box. You can also take photos of each box and save the item lists on your phone.

This process will help you determine if any boxes go missing during the move.

If a box does go missing, you’ll know exactly what was inside it. This can help you file a claim if needed. Keeping track of what’s in each box will also help you replace any missing valuables in the future.

By staying organized throughout the move, you can prepare yourself for tiny hiccups. Instead of letting problems slow down your move, you’ll know how to respond calmly with an easy fix.

Try to start packing as soon as possible. The earlier you pack, the less you’ll have to deal with the week of your move. Packing early can also ensure you get an accurate quote from the moving company.

5. Schedule a Day for Donations

As your making your lists and decluttering, look around your home. What can you donate? You might want to get rid of old clothes, furniture, or other household items.

Schedule a day Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, or the Salvation Army can pick everything up. These donation pick-ups are free. Just make sure to call ahead to schedule a time that works for you and the charity of your choice.

6. Take Photos of Everything

While you’re packing, make sure to take photos of everything.

This is an important step if you’re hiring movers. Taking photos of your belongings before they’re packed away will help you keep track of everything.

If a fragile or valuable item breaks, you’ll also have these “before” photos to use for a claim. That way, you can receive compensation in case anything breaks.

7. Ask for Help

Trying to move on your own will only add unnecessary stress. Instead, enlist some help!

Make sure to play to everyone’s strengths. For example, your mom probably doesn’t want to lug around heavy boxes. Instead, have her help you deep clean before the move.

Consider packing water bottles for everyone before moving day. You can also pack sandwiches and snacks so everyone can take a break. That way, everyone’s energy levels will remain high throughout the moving process.

Asking for help will keep you from burning out during the moving process.

8. Clean Up

If you’re leaving an apartment, make sure to deep clean every room. That way, you can get your deposit back.

Don’t forget to keep all of your cleaning supplies separate from the other boxes.

Dedicating a box for all your cleaning supplies will give you easy access to what you need.

If you’re moving into a new home and have the time, you can also clean your new home before the boxes arrive. That way, you have one less item on your post-move to-do list!

Pack It Up!: 8 Tips for an Easy Move

Pack everything up. It’s time to get moving! With these eight tips, you can ensure a stress-free, easy move!

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of water and a snack beforehand!

Explore the For the Home section of the blog for more helpful guides!


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