Bridal Wedding Dress Styles That Will Make You Look Slimmer

Bridal Wedding Dress

Every bride wants a picture-perfect body silhouette on her wedding day. Countless hours are spent looking for the bridal gown, that will not only make them feel beautiful but one that will stay in the memory of their guests for years. This timeless beauty and grace do not come quite as easy for most body shapes and sizes.

Rounded, full curvy body shapes, with full hips and busts, yet more filled out in the middle, have extra belly flab that could be a hindrance to a perfect fit. Besides countless and excruciating hours in the gym, there are other simpler ways to look 5 kilos lighter. You can have a slimmer profile on your wedding by merely purchasing wedding dresses that have design styles, such as these mentioned below.

A-line dresses

A-line wedding dresses for curvier brides have become a stereotype, but a tried and tested one nevertheless. While you should feel free to wear what your heart desires the most, especially if your stylist backs your choice, it does not also hurt to colour inside the lines. Their structured and fitted bodicesare perfect for a full midriff.

This type of bridal gown will give an illusion of control and sleekness since it cinches the waist. The A-line skirt will balance an otherwise more full-frame, effectively masking the thighs and hips. The design gives a very flattering silhouette on most body shapes. Avoid any extra fabric placed on your curvier areas. An A-line dress will leave you looking and feeling like a queen with its beaded motifs bodice features.

Flattering silhouettes

Specific bridal wedding dresses have very flattering silhouettes. These can be naturally slimming since they will contour your curves and cascade gently down to your knees. Therefore, it’s not necessary to hide every god given curve you have if you love them. Why not dress them up instead?

As an illustration, some of Maggie Sottero’s fit and flare bridal gown’s plunging sweetheart neckline are perfect for you if you have the ideal décolletage. If you have a fabulous bust, dress it in a V-neck line. If your behind is to die for, show it off in a mermaid style wedding dress that embraces every curve of your body. The mermaid dress will also give longer looking legs since its flair begins slightly above the knees.

Ruched designs

Most curvy women tend to steer clear of ruching because it is thought to add more weight to what are already curvy areas. Unfortunately, this is not true. Professionally tailored ruched bridal dresses have magical effects on curvier bodies. They will create an optical illusion that helps to mask any filled-out body parts under them. Dresses whose patterns are ruched on a single side of thegown, in an asymmetrical style, makes your upper body and face the centre of attraction, giving the dress a vertical shape.

Thick fabrics

Besides ruching, you can also give weighty materials a chance. Thicker fabrics like organza, duchess satin, and taffeta are the ultimate curves framers plus bumps and lump smoothers. On the other hand, thin fabrics such as chiffon or silk tend to skim the body, magnifying every small detail.


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