The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Newborns


Giving the perfect gift for a new baby can be a daunting process. This is especially true when they’re so young, while it is adorable, it isB a scary thing to do. Finding that something special to take to the arrival of a baby and beyond is no easy task. 

For anyone in this predicament, there is no need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Buying gifts should be a fun and exciting process that involves a selection of presents and items that they will treasure forever. Plus, remember that buying gifts for a little one doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. 

Below is a quick list of our favourite gifts that parents and family members will be sure to thank you for.

  • Baby Grows

Perhaps this is an instance gift idea that you think of when you’re buying for a baby. However, many people seem to think that the parents will already have enough to last them an entire eternity. The reality is so different for so many mums and dads out there. They’re thankful for the extra baby clothes you give them, especially when they’re just plain and simple. In this case, the cheaper the better as the likelihood is, they will get ruined by baby milk, sick or poo anyway. Start by visiting a baby shop and seeing all the baby grows they have on offer – you will be surprised at the varying selection available.

  • Baby Drool Bibs

We’re definitely more on the practical side of baby gifts when it comes to thinking of thing they’ll like. Baby drool bibs are a heaven-sent item, especially when your little one is teething or weaning – they tend to make a mess of their lovely new clothes if you’re not careful. That’s why you should consider bulk buying some bibs for the new parents, they will be grateful!

  • Cashmere Baby Blanket

There is nothing cuter than a little one curled up neatly in a baby blanket on a cold winter day while out shopping with their mummy and daddy. Cashmere blankets can be personalised with the baby’s initials and often come in various colours too.

  • Imprint Memory Maker

The perfect gift for a new arrival, the parents can take the hands and feet of their new born and imprint them into a clay giftset, so they’ll be forever remember how small they were. Even when they’re older and grow into a grouchy teenager, the gift of the memory maker will be there. The best thing about these memory makers is that you can frame and display them too.

  • Baby Robes

this adorable towelling robe gift idea is ideal if you know the little one, you’re buying for loves water or staying comfortable. There are many to choose from and you can even get versions that have teddy bear ears. One of the only things to consider when buying a baby robe is the quality – you want to ensure that it is cotton so the baby will feel relaxed when wearing it and it doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin.

  • Comforter 

A comforter is an ideal companion for a new born and any other small baby. It’s super soft, cuddly and most of them are machine washable too. So many little ones use comforters for a long time as they become a part of their life. It’s a special thing buying such an item that could mean a lot to a little baby. Something such as a comforter is very different to a regular teddy or an ordinary bear.

  • Keepsake Boxes

Similar to the imprint memory maker discussed above, keepsake boxes are an adorable feature to any new borns room. You can get them that feature cute little animals or sometimes they come personalised too. Having a keepsake to store a baby’s first curl or tooth is truly something special.

  • Rattle Gift Set

A present for the older babies out there is a rattle or multiple rattles in a set. Brightly coloured rattles are great for a baby’s stimulation and animal inspired designs can help them with hand-eye coordination. Rattles are designed to relive sore gums too which means if they’re teething, having a rattle may allow the parents some peace and quiet for a little while longer. Keep in mind if you do buy a rattle or gift set for a little one, don’t buy anything that is super loud as their family and parents may not want the loudness! Despite this, we’re sure the little one will love any rattle you choose for them. 

We hope this quick list of baby and new born gifts helps you on your journey to finding the best present around. 


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