A Simple Guide on How to Measure Your Ring Size

A Simple Guide on How to Measure Your Ring Size

If you’re splashing out on an important ring, it’s important to know your correct ring size. After all, a poorly fitting ring can slip off if it’s too loose or become uncomfortable if it’s too tight.

Choose a ring that fits like a charm so it can stand the test of time as one of your most wearable pieces.

While heading to a local jeweler is the most effective way to measure your ring size, you may not have the time and may require a quicker answer.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to measure your ring size at home, and we’re here to spill. Keep reading to learn how to measure your ring size.

Measure Your Finger

If you’re wondering how to measure ring size, then, believe it or not, one of the easiest methods is simply to measure your finger.

To do this, you can use a strip of paper, a piece of thread, or some string. For this example, let’s say you’re using paper.

Start by snipping a strip of paper that’s around ¾-inches wide and 4-inches long.

Then wrap the piece of paper around the bottom of the finger you’d like to measure, and mark where the paper meets with a pen. The length of the paper you measured in millimeters equals the circumference of your finger.

After noting down your measurements, use an online conversion ring size chart to discover your correct ring size. If the size of your finger under the knuckle dramatically differs in size from the knuckle itself, be sure to measure your knuckle too, and then choose a size that sits in between these measurements.

Measure a Ring You Already Have

If you already own a ring that fits your hand perfectly, you can use a bendy ruler to measure the inside diameter of the ring. Just use your ruler to measure the inside of the ring from edge to edge.

Note down the diameter details in millimeters, and then once again use an online conversion ring chart to discover your ring size.

Order a Ring Sizer

If you’re willing to wait for the post to arrive, there are plenty of plastic ring sizers that can be sent to your home that can easily measure your ring size.

Remember that depending on where you order your ring sizer from will affect shipping and delivery times, so be prepared to wait a while.

Use a Printable Ring Size Guide

If you can’t wait for a ring sizer to arrive in the post, you can also download and print off online printable ring size guides. If you feel more comfortable, you can also take it with you to the jewelers so you can have your ring size measured with the utmost accuracy.

Remember to read the instruction of any ring sizing guide very carefully so you can achieve the best results.

Ring Size Measuring Tips

Want to know how to size a ring with the most accurate practice? Then keep reading for our helpful ring size measuring tips.

Consider Temperature

Have you ever noticed that your fingers seem to swell in hot, humid weather? Well, it’s true, finger sizes alter as a result of the temperature. Fingers enlarge in warm weather and shrink in chilly weather.

Try to measure your ring size when it’s warmer towards the end of the day, as this is when your finger will be at its biggest. And it’s always better to cater to a larger finger that will shrink than a smaller finger that will grow.

Go Large

This leads us towards the notion that when two ring sizes seem to fit a finger or if you note two different finger measurements, you should always choose the bigger measurement. And if you can’t decide between two different ring sizes or continue to feel unsure, check with a professional ring sizer if you can.

It’s also best to take your measurements in millimeters when measuring your ring size.

Measure Ring Size More Than Once

A ring should sit comfortably on your finger. It should easily slide off when you press it onto your finger, but it shouldn’t feel loose or slip off easily.

Checking your ring size more than once will help you determine your ring size more successfully. While it may seem tedious, measuring your ring size on several occasions can help you find the perfect fit. It will also help you avoid spending the time, money, and energy resizing the ring if it doesn’t fit well in the first place.

Consider the Ring Type

The shape and style of your ring will also impact the size you’ll need. Wide rings that are about six millimeters or more often require a bigger size for most people. This is because a thick band offers more space under the ring for the finger than thinner rings do.

If you’re opting for a thicker ring, be sure to add an allowance of 0.25 to 0.5 size for rings that are thicker or chunkier.

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Now You Know How to Measure Your Ring Size

Now you know how to measure your ring size in several different ways from the comfort of your own home. While measuring your ring size may seem like a tedious job, it’s important so that you can choose a ring that you’ll feel comfortable wearing and will want to pop on often.

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