10 Weed Hacks Every Pro Stoner Needs to Know

10 Weed Hacks Every Pro Stoner Needs to Know

Did you know that nearly 55 million people use marijuana? Do you enjoy marijuana and are looking for some weed hacks?

This article will cover some of the best-kept stoner secrets of all time. Read on to discover these weed hacks, you won’t want to miss out.

1. Use a Nickel to Stop Unnecessary Burning

Take a nickel and cover the bowl with it to stop the flow of oxygen which causes burning. This is a budget-friendly trick, why spend more if you don’t have to?

2. Coffee and Weed Are a Great Breakfast Combo

When you’re looking for weed hacks in the morning, try out coffee with weed. Coffee will wake you up and weed will get rid of any jitters from the coffee.

3. Keep Chapstick Nearby

Ever notice that after you light up your lips are super chapped? For some reason, a lot of people don’t notice this but you definitely want to keep chapstick handy to combat this.

4. Suck on Candy

Suck on some candy or mint while smoking and you’ll have the delicious flavor of the candy. Along with that, it helps fight the munchies and dry mouth.

5. Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners actually work great for cleaning your pipe. Don’t have pipe cleaners? You can use sea salt, a ziplock bag, and rubbing alcohol. You’ll want to first throw your piece into a ziplock bag with rubbing and sea salt.

You’ll want to then shake it for 5 minutes. Next, let it sit for 20 minutes. It cleans out all the ash.

6. Label Your Products

Did you know all the pros label their products, especially edibles? Pick up some stickers such as #stashtag and make sure to label your products. You’ll avoid accidental highs when you label THC products, and keep them out of the reach of children.

7. Maximum High

Some believe that if you eat mango while smoking it can increase your high. It doesn’t hurt to try it out!

8. Smoke Before Meals

Munchies are obviously a thing so smoke before you eat. Not only will you not over-indulge, but your meal will taste better too. You can also have a better chance of knowing when you’re full.

9. Pick up Spilled Weed

Spilled weed is the worst. Thankfully, take a sock or nylon and wrap it around a hose. Next, suck at the weed and then it won’t get stuck inside the vacuum.

When the weed is attached to the sock then you can turn the vacuum off, and the weed will go where you want it to.

10. Use a Pill Bottle and Penny

If you’ve ever lost your grinder, use a clean penny and pill bottle to make your own DIY grinder. You’ll want to first clean the penny with rubbing alcohol. Next, place some weed into the pill bottle with the clean penny and seal with the pill bottle’s lid.

Weed Hacks the Pros Use

When you’re looking for some great weed hacks the pros use, look no further than this list. Would you like to read more about everything cannabis? Check out our other articles.


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