5 Reasons to Professionally Clean Your Carpets This Fall

5 Reasons to Professionally Clean Your Carpets This Fall

Fall is a great time for many households as kids return to school, adult work schedules re-balance, and the sweltering summer heat is replaced by the need for comfy hoodies, bonfires, football games, and warm apple cider. However, the change of weather can also affect your home. Approximately 90% of Americans have some type of carpet or rugs in their homes, and over 60% of Americans wear shoes inside the home according to a Bissell study. Regular carpet cleaning can go a long way towards maintaining the health, beauty, and longevity of your carpet. But why should you professionally clean your carpets this fall?


Remove Summer Debris

There’s nothing like being knee-deep in a new season only to find filthy remnants from the previous one lurking throughout your home. Repeat that season after season and you’ll need more than a good spring cleaning, you’ll need a full-time maid. Of course, while that person may vacuum the carpet weekly, it won’t be enough to get the deep down summer debris still hiding in your carpet. The right professional carpet cleaner in Macomb Michigan can thoroughly extract the sand, food, and grime leftover from last season.


Get Your Home and Family Ready for the Winter

Your family may be enjoying the great outdoors while it’s still comfortable, but once the snows and crazy winds hit, everyone will be stuck indoors. Welcome to the Midwest winters. The forced heat, constant activity indoors, and even pet activity lead to extra indoor pollution. And most of that settles deep into your carpet with the existing debris from the previous seasons. Get a head start on clearing the air and your home’s giant air filter by having your carpet professionally cleaned before winter.


Control and Contain Fall Allergies

When people think of seasonal allergies, pollen and hay fever often come to mind. Spring and summer are bad for allergies, but fall can be even worse. Lingering hay fever from the warmer late summer days, falling leaves and dried seedlings, and school or close-quarters allergies from work or social groups can be confused with oncoming colds and flu varieties. Treating the wrong condition can lead to bronchitis, sinusitis, or even pneumonia. Avoid it altogether by having your carpet professionally cleaned before fall allergies take over.


Kick Dust Mites, Dander, and Mold to the Curb

Not all allergies and bodily reactions are due to seasonal changes. Some originate naturally and accumulate in your home without you ever realizing the potential danger with every step or breath. Dust mites, pet dander, and mold are common contaminants hiding in your carpet year-round. If you or a loved one have ongoing allergies or upper respiratory issues, it’s likely due to one of those culprits. Dust mites are especially problematic as they’re microscopic and breed like crazy. A single dust mite can produce over 200 times its body weight in its own waste products in a single day. And that is what over 20 million Americans are allergic to. Regular carpet cleaning can kick it all to the curb.


Protect the Little Ones

Kids are not only mini mess makers, but they’re also mess magnets. Whether you have kids of your own, grandkids, or just a slew of little ones that take over your household from time-to-time, chances are you don’t want them to get into anything harmful. But little fingers can dig out the grossest, grimiest dirt and debris from carpet and stick it in their mouths before you have time to jump. Avoid the trouble and restore the cleanliness of your carpet by scheduling a fall appointment with a competent professional carpet cleaner in Macomb Michigan


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