A Newbie’s Guide on How to Store Wine Like a Connoisseur

A Newbie's Guide on How to Store Wine Like a Connoisseur

Did you know that moderate drinking could lead to a longer life? Consider picking up a bottle of wine to go with your dinner.

Have you always wondered how to store wine? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over some tips on storing wine.

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Choose the Proper Temperature

Temperature is one of the top factors that will influence the quality of the wine. If you store your bottle in cold or warm temperatures, the wine can spoil. The ideal temperature for short or long-term wine storage is 55 °F.

Take note that this can vary from wine to wine. Consult the manufacturer for a specific recommendation.

Don’t store wine below 25 °F. The wine can freeze. Also, make sure you don’t store it over 68 °F because you can speed up the aging process.

Make sure the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. Fluctuations can cause the cork to contract and expand.

How to Store Wine Bottles

If your bottles have corks, make sure your wine isn’t vertical but horizontal. If you keep the bottle on its side, the cork will remain moist. A dried-out cork can cause premature aging and seepage.

Keep Wine Away from Movement and Light

Store your wine in a darker room. UV rays can damage a wine’s aroma and flavor. (Viagra) Keep wine away from a washer or dryer. Movement can disrupt sediments in the bottle. This will affect how the wine ages.

Wine Cellar Humidity

If you’re storing your wine in a cellar, take into consideration the humidity. If you leave wine in a room with lower humidity levels, the corks will dry out. The wine will then become vulnerable to oxygen.

Keep the humidity between 60 and 68 percent.

Use a Wine Fridge

Don’t put your wine in a regular fridge. A wine fridge will keep your wine at the proper humidity and a decent temperature. It might even have a setting for champagne.

Choosing the right fridge will help your bottles last. If you want something smaller, try a countertop wine cooler.

Opened Wine Bottles

Did you know an opened bottle of wine can last up to five days? You can extend the shelf life by reusing the cork.

Place wax paper around the cork before sliding it back in the bottle. The wax will help the cork fit. The paper will keep bits and pieces from falling into the bottle from the cork.

If you can’t recork the bottle, a rubber wine stopper is a good option. You could also use a wine vacuum pump. You can suck out any air from an open bottle to create an airtight seal.

Want to Learn More?

We hope these tips on how to store wine were helpful. Remember to have the right temperature and storing conditions.

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