Moving to a New State? Here’s 5 Tips for Moving to Another State

Moving to a New State? Here's 5 Tips for Moving to Another State

The top reason people move is for a better home. Also in the top five reasons are a new job and finding cheaper housing.

Whatever your reasons, moving to a new state is both exciting and daunting. Are you moving to a new state for the first time?

We’ve put together a list of five tips of things you should know before you make that move.

1. Check out the New City and State

Before you accept a job in a new state, it’s a good idea to research the new state first.

Look at the tax rates and see if they’re more favorable than your current situation. If they’re higher, will you pay less for other things like heating and cooling?

If you have kids, check out the school districts and make sure they measure up to your current schools.

2. Make A Budget

Once you’ve got the job situation figured out, now’s the time to make a budget. If your employer is paying for your move, you’re ahead of the game since moving is expensive. But there are other items you’ll need in the budget:

  • Setting up utilities at your new place
  • Moving the family car
  • Moving the family
  • Getting a new household set up

It’s easy to take small things like towel racks and garbage cans for granted. But if you’re establishing a new household, small items add up fast.

Make sure you budget for these expenses and have a small fund for unexpected expenses.

3. Get Your Home in Sell-Quick Condition

The good thing about moving is that it’s a great time for decluttering. And decluttering is key to selling your home.

Cleaning is another must when selling, and not a quick clean either. Do a deep clean of the entire house. If you can, put a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls.

Read more on how to sell a house here.

4. Hire a Mover or DIY

If your employer pays for your move, then they’ll hire a mover. If you’re moving yourself it’s time for some research.

There are many options when it comes to hiring movers. Check out at least three moving companies.

If the company offers a quote without looking at your stuff, that’s a red flag. Move on to another company. Read reviews and check the Better Business Bureau rating for each company.

5. Forwarding Address

Forward all your mail through the Post Office. Don’t forget to change your address for all bank accounts and financial institutions.

Be sure and update the address on your credit cards. Do you have anything set to auto-ship? Be sure and change the address.

Send out an email to family and friends with your new address.

Be Prepared When Moving to a New State

Preparation is key when moving to a new state. Moving is a lot of work but good preparation cuts down on the stress.

Check out your new state first. Then make a budget and include a little for unexpected expenses. Get your home in quick sell condition with a deep clean and decluttering.

Hire a mover and change your address on all important communications. Inform your friends and family and you’re ready to go!

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