How to Proudly Make a Collection Display the Focal of the Room (Without Looking Cluttered)

How to Proudly Make a Collection Display the Focal of the Room (Without Looking Cluttered)

From shiny coins to unique action figures. you’re proud of your collection and there’s no doubt you want to show it off.

Where do you draw the line between showcasing your hard work of collecting to creating a display that looks out of place and cluttered?

This helpful guide will explain how you can create an attractive collection display for your treasures, so read on to learn more!

Make a Gallery Wall for Artwork

From fine art on canvas to custom signed pieces, it’s no surprise that you want to show your art collection off to visitors. However, hanging artwork all over your home can make certain rooms feel closed in and chaotic.

You can easily showcase your favorite art pieces by crafting a beautiful gallery wall. This wall can be in a hallway, the main living area, or up the staircase.

Simply pick out your favorites from your collection and hang them close together in one single location. This creates a unique visual feature while allowing you to show off your art all in one place for a fun look.

Organize Items by Color

If you love collectibles like Fiestaware or figurines, make your display look interesting by grouping things by color. Choose a high-quality display case, then arrange everything in groups by color scheme.

When you create something colorful, it makes your display look organized and creative. It’s also a fun way to show off your treasures in a new, unique way.

The goal of organizing collectibles by color is to keep things all in one area. When you add in the color factor, it makes the entire thing look appealing and visually unique.

Hang Your Collection Display on the Wall

If you collect leather cowboy hats, for example, hanging them on one wall is a fun way to show them off. Choose one specific room and make a feature wall where you can hang items up using handy hooks.

This unique way to create a collection display allows you to showcase your personality while giving an area of your home a special dedicated spot for your collection. Hang anything from vintage jewelry or clothing to framed photos on your feature wall.

This option is also perfect for people who don’t have a lot of extra floor space. Use the vertical space you have to your advantage by hanging everything on the wall instead of shoving into a case.

Show Off Your Coin Collection with Pride

Developing a nice coin collection takes time, money, and patience. If you have a challenge coin display or other accumulation of coins, there are several ways you can keep them neatly on display.

Try a glass case to prevent dust from building up on your coins while keeping them all out in the open. A shadowbox is another beautiful way to show off your coins and hang them on the wall.

Special coin display cases can make it easy to put your favorites out while you keep them protected. Just remember that many coin cases only allow you to mount them on one side, so you may need several cases in order to accommodate your entire collection at once.

Make Kitchenware the Star of the Show

Whether it’s colorful Fiestaware or vintage crystal, if you collect kitchenware, there’s no need to keep it hidden inside your cabinets. Look for a well-made piece of cabinetry featuring open shelving so you can show off your collection in the kitchen or dining room.

An attractive buffet with open shelves will give you a place to strategically put your most-beloved pieces. Keep them all together in one area so everyone knows this is a collection you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Displaying dishware, glasses, and serving ware that you collect is a nice way to give your dining room or kitchen a fun look. As long as you keep only the same brand or type of pieces together, it will be clear that it’s made for the display of your treasures and not just a cluttered area.

Express Your Love of Action Figures

From your favorite Star Wars characters to comic books, action figures are a popular collection item. Too many figures can make your home look cluttered if you don’t display them properly.

Gather all your favorites together and put them in a clear display case, or arrange them all on a bookshelf. When you keep the action figures in a central location, it looks much better than having them scattered all over your home.

Try a corner cabinet with a light that will highlight your figures in one area of the room. Wall-mounted shelving is another excellent way to show off action figures that won’t take up a lot of floor space. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to displaying action figures in the home, just make sure you have fun with it!

Show Off Your Collection Without the Clutter

Whether you collect coins, dinnerware, or figurines, it’s easy to make a collection display that looks great. Try hanging items on hooks or creating a gallery wall for artwork and smaller items.

If you love dinnerware, use an attractive shelf and place it in your dining room for a fabulous display. Coins and action figures look fantastic on shelves and inside display cases.

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