Simple Ways To Survive Nursing School

Survive Nursing School

College can be a challenge for any student. Whether you’re adjusting to being away from home for the first time, or getting the hang of budgeting, all students need to survive in college. For nursing students, there are some extra challenges to contend with, as well as the usual college adjustments. Here are some easy ideas to help you settle in and thrive.

  • Be prepared. There’s a lot to learn as a nursing student, but being well prepared can help you to stay afloat. Go to every class ready to work and take detailed notes. After class, read over your notes and organise them into your nursing binder where you can review them easily. This will help you to retain the information and find your notes easily for studying.
  • Speak to past students. If you’re studying somewhere popular, like the Grand Canyon University nursing school, there’s probably an alumni group. Find past students and talk to them about the course. They may have useful advice and insights to help you make the most of your studies, such as making class choices or the best tutors to approach for further help.
  • Develop good study habits. Making study part of your regular routine makes it more likely you’ll actually do it instead of finding excuses. Find a way to study that works for you. Do you work well with flash cards, or by reading over your notes? Do you find study easier in silence, or with a podcast in the background? Do you focus when you work in the library or maybe you work best in your room? Find what works best and make it a habit. Consider forming a study group of like-minded people to make you all accountable and to help each other study successfully.
  • Don’t skip exercise. If you’re busy, getting a workout might take a backseat. Exercise can actually aid your studies. Whether you like the gym, a morning run or a yoga class, physical activity can re energize your body and mind, and help clear your mind of stress.
  • Pack a study essentials tote bag. Nursing school can mean dragging around a lot of stuff, like textbooks and your notes. Buy a sturdy tote bag with plenty of room to pack in all your essentials so you’ll never get to class and find you’ve forgotten something important. Pack up your nursing binder, pens, hygiene kit, books you’ll need and your laptop. ( Depending on your day, you might also need gloves, spare scrubs, or your lunch with you too. With a proper kit, you can move from class to class quickly, without having to go back home to pick things up.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask your teachers to explain it, either during class or visit them during office hours if you think you’ll need more time with them. Asking questions is one of the best ways to learn. You can also ask other students for help if they seem to have understood things better than you.


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