Family Camping Tips

Family Camping

Camping with your family is an exciting and rewarding activity. There are lots of things to enjoy while spending time with your loved ones, may it be with your parents, siblings or kids. Though thinking about it keeps us excited, hold your horses and be prepared for the things you have to keep in mind.

To make your family camping trip less hassle and more memorable, we have gathered several tips to help you enjoy the camping trip. Take a gander!

Where To Go 

Camping sites and grounds are just everywhere. There are various local and state parks, private and public campsites you can choose from. Those privately owned sites usually have amenities such as playgrounds, bathrooms, sports room and many more. There are also cabin resorts that offer various attractions and sports which are ideal for those families who are seeking for adventures.

For beginners, SUV camping might be one of the excellent options. This allows a family to get easier access to the needed camping gear. There are many options for SUV camping and you can always mix match them as you desire.

Camping Essentials

If you select a famous campsite, you can expect some pieces of camping equipment that are available for rent. If not, a tent and decent sleeping equipment shall never be crossed out from the camping essential list.

When choosing the gear to bring, it is also helpful to consider the weather. If it is during hot days, you may opt for bringing some standard sleeping equipment and air mattresses. Even so, nights can get as cold as it can be. So, bring some thicker sleeping bags or mattress especially for kids. This might be a little hassle, but if you are on a camping site far away with kids, it is better to prepare for them to comfortably enjoy the camping trip.

Lastly, you would not want to get dirty in the campsite without being able to take a shower after, so you must also bring with you the best camping shower


Camping does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to be cheap. Before the target camping trip, set your budget plan wisely. However, before that, determine the things you will be needing and the things you don’t have to buy. You can also opt for renting if you only plan to use specific gears just once.

Plan Meals Creatively and Wisely

You can never go camping without food or outdoor cooking, so make sure to plan meals. It is also better to involve your kids in the meal planning. Let the kids plan the snacks they desire and be creative as you can be when preparing them. Mix up with some healthy juices and bring some ready-to-eat foods and those that do not spoil easily.

Safety First 

Most of the ready-to-go Safety kits are available at stores. When opting for ready-to-go first aid kits, never forget to add some extras. Not all kits are complete, so it is better to check it and look for the things that are needed such as medicine, mosquito cream, antihistamines and gel for burn relief.

List all the nearest hospitals or local clinics. Thus, in case of untoward accidents, you have contacts to call on for help.

Enjoy the Moment

While some would suggest following your planned activities during the camping trip, it is important to not pressure yourself and look on the scheduled activities from time to time. Let your kids enjoy the campsite. Make them sing their favorite campfire songs and look at the stars. Enjoy the moment and let the older ones relax and ponder.

CLAYGO (Clean As You Go)

After every camping trip, wastes can be so bothersome to the campsite owners. Also, it can greatly impact the environment. Thus, to help minimize environmental risks, follow the principle of CLAYGO. Remind your loved ones, especially the kids, to clean as they go.


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