All You Need to Know About Health and Wealth Raffle

barrow health and wealth raffle winners

Health and Wealth Raffle sponsored by Barrow Neurological Institute is a benefiting opportunity for people to raise revenue by buying tickets that can get you a prize. Net income from the prize goes towards the treatment of a patient or medical education and research.

The health and wealth raffle plan was introduced in March 2003 and has benefitted many people ever since. It was created keeping Arizona’s legislation in mind to legalize the raffle.

The Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle

If you’re from the US, it is your chance to be able to participate in the raffle. The event is called Arizona’s Original Raffle and it started fundraising from 2003. Today, it has become the oldest fundraiser in the US. The health institute is proud of its initiative not only because of the amount people have put in to stand a chance but also how it has helped people in need.

The Barrow Health and Wealth Raffle is not another philanthropic act like you traditionally find people donate. The initiative is more like an entertainment that attracts thousands of dollars to the neurological institute.

The raffle usually takes place during the springtime. In 2019, the raffle began on March 14 and ended on April 25. You need to look out for the following year, to be able to participate, and a stand a chance to win money for health or education.

Why put in money in health and wealth raffle?

The project caters to the people of the US in three significant ways:

  1. It offers revenue for research or medical education and patient care at the institute for free.
  2. Offers a positive economic impact for the state of Arizona with majority of prizes and services bought or availed by people. It values to around $2 million and makes an impact every year.
  3. The winners return with valuable prizes that interest them to be a part of it every time

It has already been 17 years since this project had started and has seen 31 successful raffles that contributed to over $58 million for research, patient care, and medical education. In 2019, the raffle gave away 2,450 prizes that included $1 million as grand prize along with cash and cars.

What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning the raffle is 1 out of 25. So, if you’re buying one ticket, you might be lucky. It isn’t like fighting with 1,000 people and have a very low winning rate. The odds have been accounted by accounting company CBIZ MHM, LLC. However, they also said that buying multiple tickets doesn’t make a person have more chances of winning as every ticket as the same possibility of 1 out of 25.

The best part about this raffle is that even if you win one prize, you also stand a chance to win other prizes. Once a prize is drawn, the winner’s ticket is given back and every entry remains in the draw for all the subsequent prizes. This simply means that buying one ticket can let you win more than one prize. The process allows every entrant to get a prize or even qualify for draws. The draw also includes the $1 million grand prize.

Cost of a raffle ticket and cancellation

Till 2019, the cost of one raffle ticket was $100 but if you buy a pack of three tickets you pay $250. People can enter as and when they want to as long as they have tickets.

For any reason, if you wish to cancel your raffle ticket, you need to do it by one day before every draw. For example, if your results were to come out on March 19, you had to inform by the afternoon of March 18.

The entries are non-refundable after the deadline or if the entry has been added to the draw. There are no chances of a tie in the raffle. Every draw will be taken under supervision and winners will have to agree with the results given by the administrator. References to noon or midnight is as per Mountain Standard Time.

How do you get the ticket?

Tickets come in an electronic form and there are no hard copies. You do get a receipt of the amount you paid and it confirms the number you have. That number later determines who you are if you win prizes in the raffles.

When you sign up for the raffle through your email ID, the institute gets your contact and sends back a confirmation mail. For every other entry purchaser, the confirmation tickets will be mailed within 10 business days from purchase date. For more details, check out the Raffle Rules & Regulations.

Who are eligible to participate?

To be able to participate in the yearly Heath and Wealth Raffle, you must be a 21-year-old individual. It can also be a business entity but you need to know the norms related to participating with a company name. You must be a legal representative of the company and be at least 21 years old when making the purchase.

You don’t necessarily need to be a resident of Arizona but you need to present there during the purchase. Only one person will be identified as the purchaser of a ticket. When you enter the raffle, you acknowledge that you’re absolutely aware of the rules.

The participant, subsidiaries, respective affiliates, parents, and relative companies aren’t eligible to win prize money from the raffle. It includes:

  • Board members or executive management people of the St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center
  • Dignity Health Arizona Service Area Leadership Team
  • All board members and employees of St. Joseph’s Foundation & Barrow Neurological Foundation
  • Employees of the CBIZ, Inc, and subsidiaries
  • The employees of R & R Partners

The immediate family members of these people (that stay together) can also not be a part of the raffle.

Final thoughts

If you think raffles are a waste of time, you should also consider how this medical institute is shaping people’s career one by one or curing patients with the help of such raffles. Even if you don’t win, the money will be given to someone in need. $100 is pretty nominal when it comes with a day full of entertainment and fun, and you will definitely have something to take back.


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