A Guide to Buying Hard Floor Camper Trailers

hard floor camper trailers

The best hard floor camper trailers are made for comfortable camping experiences. They offer a number of advantages over soft floor campers, including isolation from the ground, ease of setting up, and large carrying capacity. However, given that there are dozens of manufacturers selling hard floor campers across Australia, you might end up buying one that’s not of the right type or quality. This guide takes you through some of the attributes that you should check when purchasing you next hard floor trailer.

Camper Trailers

The Quality of the Outer Body

Good hard floor camper trailers are made of high-quality steel. There may be other components, but the trailers should have a rugged build without being overly heavy. A quality body build enhances the lifetime of the trailer and protects it from the adverse weather in Australia. You should also ensure that the hubs are of a solid build and match those of the towing vehicle.

The Quality of Canvas

When looking at the quality of the canvas, consider the wax that’s been used. It should be dynaproofed to deal with UV light from the sun, which makes it last longer when compared to standard canvas. This material is also mold-resistant and ideal for camping in humid weather conditions. When shopping for the very best, look out for dynaproofed canvas. Other canvas features that you should check include:

  • A canvas that’s easy to fold and has supportive bows to prevent any water from pooling
  • A dual-door canvas that helps improve ventilation
  • A canvas that matches your taste or car’s colour and body
  • A design that’s easy to set up when you reach your destination

Good Power Management

You need a good power set up for convenience when camping. An ideal camper should have at least two sources of power and several power outputs. Most of them come with at least one 120Ah battery, a 240v system, power sockets and several DC chargers. You may also consider one that has a second battery, a pure sine wave inverter, and a solar input. With such a system, you can be assured of adequate power for the time you’ll be camping away from any standard power sources.

Customisable Options

There should be accessories to help you customise hard floor camper trailers to your needs. For example, it should be possible to add in extra canvas to create additional spaces, and there should be the option to include a heating and cooling appliance for comfortable camping. You should also check out the kitchen upgrades available, such as slide-out kitchen that allows for easy food preparation when cooking for a large family.

Storage Options

Determine the size of the camper trailer that will be ideal for your camping needs. If you have a medium to a large family, you might consider going for a large trailer. In the same vein, the storage should allow you to access items all around the camper with ease and without having to open up the whole unit. You’ll also have to purchase water tanks for your trailer. Consider poly tanks, as these are lighter than steel tanks. Planning your storage is vital so you can fit everything you require for your trip and access them when needed.


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