Kick The Cards – Why Corporate Gifts Are The New Business Cards (And 4 Ways To Use Them To Your Advantage)

Kick The Cards - Why Corporate Gifts Are The New Business Cards (And 4 Ways To Use Them To Your Advantage)

Wanting to make a marketing impact with your next client? Or maybe you are looking to give your employees something unique when they start with your company? At your next round table with your peers, instead of passing out business cards, you should think about the statement that corporate gifts can make. While the concept of corporate gifts has been around for many years, they have more recently come to replace the usual passing out of business cards. Here are four ways to use corporate gifts to your advantage:

Establish Brand

One of the most popular ways to use corporate gifts in your business is to establish your brand. Since you most likely have created your logo and other marketing presentations, it can be quickly transferred to something as small as pens or lapel pins. These are cost-effective and functional pieces that are hard to stick into your wallet and forget about, the way business cards are. Find a product that fits with your brand and utilize it to spread your marketing image.

Welcome to the Company

Another time that using corporate gifts to promote your brand can be when new employees are hired or transferred to different departments at your company. Notepads and notebooks are popular gifts given to new hires. Some companies have opted for branded bags or backpacks given out at orientation. This helps establish inclusion and a sense of belonging with employees coming to your company.

Employees who are career-focused often make lateral and vertical job moves within your company. Branding shirts or jackets based on the department they’re in can be a way to foster team building and help invite the seasoned employee into a new department. Something as simple as a coffee mug reinforces the group mentality with your team.

Thank You

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, remembering to thank all of your clients or sponsors for their business or support is essential. You need to keep your brand in front of people who use your products as well as show investors appreciation for their continued backing. For current clients or customers, branded gifts can be a reminder that they are still important to you and your company. Many universities use this technique when contacting alumni or potential new students. A limited-edition and specially designed jacket for alumni can be a great way to engage former students and future contributors to projects and improvements. Not only are you saying thank you, but you are giving them an opportunity to remember you in a positive light.


Holidays are a popular time to give corporate gifts to clients and employees. Food items, glassware, or gift baskets from partners are all unique and functional gifts that don’t require branding. This is one time that adding your brand might not be a good idea. Rather the gift itself says who it’s from and communicates the celebratory nature of the gift. Another great time is when celebrating anniversaries. Clients and employees who have been involved with the company for a certain duration deserve something a little extra that makes them feel singled out and honored.

Any way you decide to incorporate gifts into your company lifestyle helps to promote and sustain your brand. Business cards are easily lost. Pens are functional. Make an impact by giving something of value, rather than something that can be forgotten and thrown away without a second’s hesitation.


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