How Travel Insurance proved beneficial during my stay in Germany


It is said that travel is the best teacher. One who travels and meets people from different cultures, learns more than what any number of books can ever teach. One should travel as much as they can and as often as they can. Depending on the destination, the expenses might be high or low, but the risk of uncertainties is prevalent nonetheless. There is not much one can do about situations not in their control, but one thing they can definitely do is have a travel insurance policy which is going to take care of these unexpected situations. The best travel insurance is designed in a way to make your travel hassle free so it is important to choose one that meets your requirements.

For an international trip there are a lot of factors that need to be looked at before going on the journey. Each country has their own set of rules and regulations and visa requirements which need to be fulfilled before being allowed to visit that country. Germany falls under the Schengen area and one needs a Schengen visa to visit the country. There are certain visa-free countries whose nationals do not require a visa to enter Germany but for someone holding an Indian passport, a Schengen visa is required. Travel insurance for Schengen visa is one of the required documents for the visa to be approved. This also helps you stay protected throughout the trip. Peace of mind is one of the essentials to ensure that you had a good experience while visiting a new place.

Travel insurance extends beyond just medical coverage and compensation against medical expenses. The protection is extended to other family members and personal liabilities as well. Personal liabilities include events such as loss of travel documents, loss and damage to luggage, trip interruptions and cancellations and flight cancellations and delays. These are the basic benefits of any good travel insurance plan but other inclusions differ from company to company.

Before embarking upon the trip to Germany, along with research on the tourist attractions and exquisite architecture, a lot of study was put into the dos and don’ts in this country. The German authorities understand their country and they actually acknowledge the risk of an attack. They recommend that while in public places, a general attitude of judiciousness should be displayed, especially during the busy times. It is also advised and recommended to stay alert with regards to the risk of robbery and theft at stations, big cities, airports and specially the tourist areas.

An international trip is not usually a very short one and is of considerable duration. For this a fair share of belongings is carried along which do hold significant financial value. Another document that is necessary to have is a passport. All of these are extremely valuable and to know that they are protected and taken care of should any unexpected situation arise is a matter of great relief.

Germany is not an easy language to understand and not everyone travelling to Germany is familiar with the language. In times of crisis it can get even harder to communicate and explain what exactly the problem is. This will not happen if there is a travel insurance plan. One of the benefits of having it is a 24 hour helpline number plus dedicated agent that will be able to understand your problem and help you through the situation.

A trip is worthwhile when you have someone to share it with – both the good and bad.


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