Types of Attraction to Be Aware Of

types of attraction

As soon you someone talks about attraction, most people assume its sexual attraction. This is where you need to rectify them and tell them about the types of attraction. But first, you need to know what they are yourself to be able to correct people or understand how people emote.

There are different types of attraction and each one them has a significance. We need to identify them for ourselves and the people around to have correct judgment and to know ourselves better.

What are the types of attraction?

Sexual attraction is definitely one of the many, but there are reasons why people think that’s there just this. Men and women are processed to have a kind of connection and most of the times it does get sexual. However, if you deeply study this, you will know that there is more to it.

Here, we will tell you what sexual attraction is like and also add other forms of attraction like emotional, romantic, physical, aesthetic, and so on. Each type of attraction is different from the other and they make you feel different. Sometimes attractions are not entirely depended on what your heart says. It might contradict with your mind or conscience, while in reality, you feel a different way.

It is important to be at peace with yourself and admit to the kind of attraction you have. It is also feasible to accept that different people will have different kinds of attractions for you.

It is time we check out the types of attractions and understand emotions better:

1. Sexual attraction

Since most of us know what this is or hear this the most, it is time we know what it really is. Sexual attraction is a way you look at someone or feel for something in a sexual way. It is a way we feel towards our sexual partners and feel that attraction when they are around. It gives the desire for sexual touching and intimacy. However, feelings and occurrence can differ from one person to another.

2. Romantic attraction

It is easy to confuse this with sexual attraction but is actually different. In a romantic attraction, you are keener on being with the person you love. It can come without the sexual aspect. However, this isn’t what friendship is like. as it is a feeling that is stronger than feelings towards a friend. This kind of attraction is common when two people are on the verge of getting into a relationship. It doesn’t involve sexual attraction but can always turn into that with time.

3. Physical attraction

Again, physical attraction sounds a lot like sexual attraction but isn’t the same. In this case, people want to be physically loved and taken care of, but that doesn’t have to be sexual. This can be similar to romantic attraction but it is equally valid for kids longing for parents. It is a way people long of physical contact and desire. It can be a friendly hug on a bad day or a pat on the back after an achievement.

4. Emotional attraction

In such a case, you want to be physically present for and with another person. You want to share things you do, tell them about your feelings, and more. This kind of emotional attachment can happen with friends, relatives, family, or partners.

When you have emotional attachments and have people to share your feelings with, it makes you happier and healthier. This is the kind of attraction we want to have for the people we love and vice versa.

5. Aesthetic attraction

This type of attraction is pretty random and interesting. Every time you see someone walk down the road and attract your interest in some way it is called aesthetic attraction. You probably like how they dress up or how presentable they are. It is similar to how we look at celebrities and idolize them.

Aesthetic attraction makes us use terms like hot, cute, gorgeous, and many of us go ahead and compliment the person. This kind of attraction is not a sexual or physical attraction as you might not have any desire to touch. You simply notice how they look and that’s how you find them interesting.

In overall, every type of attraction is important in our lives to understand how we feel and how our emotions function. These happen to different people at different time, and many times they don’t understand why they feel a certain way.

It is also difficult to determine or categorize these as everyone has a different perspective. Someone you think is attractive in your teens might not be attractive in your 40s.

When to seek help?

If you face a problem to grow an attachment or don’t understand why you feel a certain way, you might need help. You can seek counseling or speak to people who are close to you. They might be able to help you understand how you feel and explain why you emote that way.

It is not necessary that everyone has a sexual attraction towards another person. Many people might have an emotional or physical attraction. These are all emotions that make us positive. You might want someone to be there for you to support you and validate how you feel. You might want comfort and care, and these are important too.

Do you need a counselor?

A counselor will be able to help you determine how you feel and why you feel that way. If you cannot express your feelings to anyone, you should visit an expert. Since you don’t know that person it is easier to communicate with them and let your heart out.

There can be other types of attraction that the ones given above. Some types of attraction can be a behavioral disorder that you need to overcome. Since there are chances of such disorders, it is best to take help from an expert. They will not only be able to guide you but will also not judge you. They will help you overcome the problem and live a healthier and peaceful life.


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