How to Decorate with Mason Jars at Your Party

How to Decorate with Mason Jars at Your Party

Mason jars are cheap, cute, practical, and super versatile. If you want to make your party more fun without spending that much, you can creatively decorate your mason jars.

Learn how to turn a simple mason jar into a decorative art that brings out your style and personality.

Use Mason Jars As Centerpieces

Decorate your party tables with beautiful mason jars creatively designed as centerpieces. Surely, your friends and family would hover around with their camera phones with such a good idea.

Here’s how to create a beautiful mason jar centerpiece:

  • Place votive candles in vintage muffin tin inside one mason jar.
  • Decorate another mason jar with fresh garden flowers.
  • Tie a red ribbon around the two mason jars to complete the final look.

Use Mason Jars as Unique Party Glasses

Serve your DIY party drink in mason jars and sip in style. Your guests will be surprised about the intricate decorative, DIY mason jar lids for days. It’s an excellent way to keep track of your guest’s favorite beverages by adding a washi tape that’s marked with the names of your guests.

Additionally, you can serve party punch in mason jars instead of fancy dispensers. Large mason jars make perfect beverage containers so your guests can easily ladle and pour. For outdoor parties, you can place a lightweight cloth on top of the jar to keep out unwanted critters.

Make Pretty Silverware Holder Out of Mason Jars

People are used to finding silverware nestled in table napkins. How about using your mason jars at home to make pretty silverware holders for your teenage daughter’s birthday party, for instance?

You can label the required number of mason jars (depending on the number of your guests) and place all spoons and forks. With cute little silverware holders, a buffet-style party will surely be a rockstar, and your guests can quickly grab their silverware.

Use Mason Jars to Make Hanging Lights

For a dinner party or outdoor get-together, get glowing with vintage mason jars. Create a rustic ambiance with rustic handled vintage mason jars, which are perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors, like pool parties.

Fill mason jars with white sand and votive candles. After which, wrap them with jute rope and hang them on sturdy tree branches and deck rails.

Fill Mason Jars with Your Party Favors

Aside from being cute, mini mason jars can be used as giveaways or party favors, such as candied citrus peel. You can send these mini mason jars with a pretty wrapped bow and colorful tags.

Mason Jars as Center Games

Mason jars make fun games. You can stash your mason jars with glow sticks for a glow-in-the-dark tag. Attach a label to let your guests know what they’ll be up to. Create an exciting guessing game by filling mason jars with marbles or jelly beans. All winners will take home goodies in mason jars.

Mason Jars as Dessert Holders and Perfect Jar Dessert

As you probably have imagined, mason jars are great containers for stacked cupcakes, trifles, and other layered treats. Tie stamped cloth over the lid to give your mason dessert holders a polished look.

Create your very own mason jar dessert for your next party with strawberries and rhubarb. They are adorable and easy to make. It’s a great way to showcase your skills in creating lush treats.

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Mason Jars as Candle Holders

Make your party colorful with homemade candle holders. Just run a quick brush of glass paint and turn your mason jars into romantic and inspiring candle holders. You can place them around the party site to set positive vibes or good mood.

Mason Jars Decorated as Salad Dressing Containers

Salad dressing in plastic bottles are common and not impressive to guests. Be unique and try to create fancy homemade salad dressing containers. Pour salad dressing into mason jars set around the table, so your guests can easily pass it and pour in style.

Mason Jars as Garnish Holders to Decorate Your Party Tables

This idea is perfect for dessert tables and self-serve drink bars. Fill mason jars with edible flowers, candies, sliced fruit, and more.


Make every party exciting and memorable with different mason-jar-party decorating ideas. You can probably think of your very own mason-jar-decoration to complete the look of your party. These ideas are suitable for casual or semi-formal events, adding beauty and style, and bringing more fun to your parties.


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