Puff Puff Pass: 8 Ways to Consume Weed

Puff Puff Pass: 8 Ways to Consume Weed

You can smoke it at the beach, your house, while out on a cruise, or in your backyard just chilling. You can smoke alone, with a friend, or a party.

And that’s not to mention all types of blunts, bongs, dabs, and whatnot!

One thing is for certain. There is an almost endless assortment of ways to consume weed. You may be surprised by the variety of techniques and their sophistication.

The Sky Is The Limit

Don’t let anyone tell you can’t make a smoking device out of a roll of toilet paper, a pen, and some paper clips.

On the other hand, there are smoking devices so modern and advanced, you’ll have your smoking buddies thinking that you are in 3019.

The Very Best Ways to Consume Weed

The goal was to decide once and for all the absolute best way to smoke weed. Of course, there is going to be a lot of heated debate so we decided to present a top 8 of the best ways to get lifted.

So if you do decide to embark on the challenge, you’re going to need to get some snacks and probably clear out your agenda for the day.

This list doesn’t consider edibles, tinctures, or cannabis tea.

8. Bowls

Bowls are essentially simple hands pipes that are generally made out of glass. This is one of the most common marijuana smoking devices because of their simplicity and widespread availability. Read on here about the superiority of glass over other materials used for bowls and bongs.

They are very convenient for a number of situations. They can be quickly loaded without the need to sit down or go inside.

One of the downsides is that they are generally not as useful for larger groups of friends. The first hit of a fresh bowl is the best one. After that, they become more and more ashy for each person.

7. Herb Vaporizer

Many people who use cannabis or are interested in trying are concerned because of the possible pulmonary effects of inhaling smoke. That is where herb vaporizers come in.

The flame from a lighter produces temperatures of around 4000º Fahrenheit. Compare that to vaporizes that carefully heat cannabis buds to a little over 300º F. That’s hot enough to release the THC and other cannabinoids we seek but not hot enough to burn plant material itself.

Therefore, we are inhaling just the rich vapors instead of irritating smoke. This is an extremely cool way to smoke but requires a larger investment and is usually more time-consuming.

6. Granny Smith

Ah yes, nothing says economic and ecofriendly like smoking mids out of an apple with three strategically-placed holes in it.

Otherwise known as the afterschool special, apples have come to the rescue of many resourceful stoners. Other fruits and veggies, such as potatoes and hollowed-out watermelons, can also be used.

They are easy to make, cheap, easy to get rid of, and they can be eaten once you get the munchies. Come to think of it, there are no negatives and they should probably be higher on this list.

5. Big ‘Ol Bong Rips

OK, so you’ve been smoking for a couple of years now and you think you’re ready to graduate from a bowl to your friend’s older brother’s bong that he left at home. So you take a ridiculously big toke and nearly cough a lung out. That’s how it happened to me, anyway.

With a little practice, this can be one of the coolest and most efficient ways to smoke cannabis. There is such a variety of styles and sizes ranging from a basic gas station bongs to designer glass pieces easily worth hundreds of dollars.

These are a lot of fun to use but require more care. Generally, they are used for home sessions while watching movies or playing videogames, etc. The downside is their price and fragility.

4. Make Isaac Newton Proud

When Isaac Newton described gravity and revolutionized the study of physics, he had no idea his discoveries would lead to one of the greatest inventions of our time, the gravity bong, AKA the waterfall

If you have never seen one it can be a little hard to describe. A homemade version consists of a water-filled 2-liter plastic bottle with a small hole at the bottom and the cap is replaced with some type of bowl that is packed with bud.

Apply fire to the bowl while allowing water to escape the bottom. This will cause the bottle to dramatically fill with smoke. Take off the cap, inhale, and see ya later.

3. Blunts

The spirit of Snoop Dogg would have manifested itself to slap me if I didn’t include blunts on my list. They are absolutely essential to stoner and hip-hop culture.

You’ll have to go to your local corner store, buy a cigar, open it, dump out the dutch guts (tobacco), and then roll up your weed using the remaining leaf. It tastes amazing and is the perfect thing to enjoy amongst friends. Also, flavored blunt wraps are available that make the process even easier. Lately, people’s will to rip fat ones has pushed them to great technological innovations, like the pre-roll infusion machines that automate the process of rolling blunts with incredible precision and efficiency.

Have everyone pitch in a little something and roll up a cannon. The only negative is that the leaf is still made of nicotine-containing tobacco so the smoke is extra harsh.

2. Mad Dabs

If using an apple is high school and bongs are college, then dabs have a doctorate from Yale. Dabs are sticky oils/waxes made from the extracting THC and other desirable cannabinoids from the buds.

They can be smoked using vaporizers, dab rigs, and vape pens.

1. And the One to Rule Them All…

Forget about any weed smoking device. The most iconic, tasty, and convenient of all the ways to consume weed is the joint, of course.

From Cheech and Chong to Wiz Khalifa, they are a favorite of musicians, actors, and pretty much everyone else over the decades.

The give a great taste and are convenient for sharing. Unlike blunts, they have no tobacco.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

What did you think of the list? Have you tried every method? Do you know any ways to consume weed we haven’t mentioned?

You’re going to want to see for yourself so go ahead and figure out what works best for you.


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