Best Fitting Jeans for Men by Body Type 

Best Fitting Jeans for Men by Body Type 

Isn’t it annoying that the girls get to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses, when men mostly need to cover their legs? You might be routined in into wearing formal jeans to work, or simply not want to flaunt bare legs. No matter what your reason is, it is important to have the best fitting jeans for men by body type. These will not only redefine your look but also make your set trends.

Why men should have pairs of jeans in their wardrobe?

If you probably hate wearing jeans, you don’t own the right pair. There is nothing more indispensable in a man’s wardrobe like a good pair of jeans. It is the lender of the last resort that lets you make a fashion statement in your own way.

Jeans are important to men because they are timeless. You don’t have to change your approach and not buy a classy pair of blue denims because you can’t find the perfect fit. Currently, there are plenty of denims that could be both comfortable and stylish for you.

You might want to have a standby skinny pair or look for a wide-leg option, you can have it all in 2019. We have the guidance you were looking for and we have pulled in the different ways to style a pair of jeans as per your body type. You need to look at it from the size point and the price point to ensure that it is comfortable.

What are the best fitting jeans for men by body type?

Jeans have been a cornerstone in a man’s wardrobe, and if you’re avoiding it, you definitely don’t own the right pair. We are here to help you find the best fitting jeans for men by body type so that you know what suits you.

1. An athletic build

An athletic man will have broad shoulders, narrow waist, and muscular legs and arms. If you’re a man who literally lives in a gym, you will want a pair that goes well with your athletic body. You will want a pair that not just suits you but also flaunts what you got.

You don’t need to choose an oversized pair to give room to your large muscles. It is time you Get over a frumpy look and choose flattering cuts for the thighs and calves.

According to stylists, an athletic body should choose straight-leg jeans to give them a streamlined look. However, thighs are a tough part to get through. Men who are athletic should not buy jeans that are very tight. A pair of skinny jeans usually make their look disproportioned. It is good to add stretch and allow your muscles to flaunt their definition. These types of jeans are also comfortable to move and flex.

Style tips:

When you looking for stretchy jeans that let you flex, look for the same feature in shirts. Many woven shirts made of spandex and cotton mixture can support shoulder muscles.

You must look out for basket-weave fabrics that you’d get in the button-down shirt types. These are tight and doesn’t let you wiggle much. This means it lets you flaunt your muscles.

You must check out different brands to buy from. For example, European designers usually offer slim cuts and you might feel tight in the shoulder region. It is better to avoid such brands.

2. Slim build

People who are slim have a lean body and a smaller body frame. Their shoulders and waist are in equal width, and proportion to legs and arm.

If you’re often confused about how to style your slim body, you’re not alone. For starters, keep away from loose jeans that are long. Always choose tailored jeans that have enough length for a full or half break.

There are plenty of options for your lean body. The slim pairs of jeans usually have a straight-fit and they are good for lean bodies. Skinny jeans work for you too, but you should avoid the ones that have tapered hem. These jeans make the legs look slimmer than they are.

Style tips:

  • Make sure the inseam and sleeves are long so that you don’t look like you’re wearing daddy’s clothes.
  • The clothing should be draped closely to your body without slumping or billowing at your shoulders.
  • You must buy lots of slim-fit shirt types as they weigh light near the midsection. The slim cuts stress on the frame of your body in the perfect way.

3. Average build

An average body kind in men will mean wide shoulders, lean legs, and narrow midsection. If you have an average body, it is time you go back to the old-school trouser style. These make you look lean and redefine your legs.

If you like pairs of loose fit jeans, you need to be careful about the one your buy. These can overwhelm the bottom half of your body when you pair it with slim-fit shirts. Stylists recommend wearing low rise or tapered pants.

Style tips:

  • Details are everything when you have an average build. You should try and raglan sleeves, add quilted details and wear more military styles that emphasize on broader shoulders.
  • It is easy to layer up because average men have a natural symmetry. You will easily be able to layer when you wear blazers, vests, and sweaters.
  • Your body gives you the leverage to play with bold patterns and prints. You can try a lot of horizontal and rock patterns with vertical stripes that don’t stretch out or widen.

4. Husky build

A husky body in men will mean broader midsection and larger waist. They will have narrower shoulders compared to their waist. If you have a husky build, you will probably want to wear baggy jeans to have enough room. But loose clothing makes you look larger than you really are.

You should rather go for classic fits with sleek cuts that balance out your look. The key point of this build evens out the properties and make the top half look more attractive. It is better to avoid details in the denims like fading or whiskering.

The buttons and fastening must be streamlined and clean to avoid extra bulk. You should also dodge details by adding colorful belts to bring attention to the midsection.

Style tips:

  • Try to choose a two-button jacket and shirt types with ‘V’ to elongate the chest area
  • Focus on the tailored styles that can be structured blazers and jackets that have a modern fitting. These make you streamline the torso and redefine the shoulders

best fitting jeans for men by body type

Final thoughts

On top of all the best fitting jeans for men by body type comes your style and comfort. If you think you can carry yourself well, any style can work for you and make you look good. Just take these tips too so that you also wear the best recommended by stylists.


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