7 Best Handrails at Office

Handrails at Office

7 best handrails for the office

For small businesses needing to make a stairway safer or for any business needing to provide greater accessibility in a room, bathroom, or hallway, handrails offer the opportunity to accommodate workers and abide by safety and accessibility laws. However, as anyone knows–not just any handrail will do. For instance, the handrail must match the decor of the building or office, and it also must be sturdy. Additionally, it should (ideally) be easy to install.

1. 12-foot handrail kit

This handrail kit by Promenaid offers businesses a stylish handrail capable of lining small hallways, stairways, or entrances. Made of aluminum, it is lightweight and easy to install while also being durable and solid enough to bear the weight of someone leaning on it for support.

It comes with six brackets that allow you to twist the handrail into place. Additionally, the end caps allow you to finish the ends with a safety cap. Finally, it is rated for indoor or outdoor usage.


– six brackets

– anti-slip rail

– sold in sections with a hidden connector.

2. DIY Iron X Handrail Picket

For smaller stairways and steps, this handrail picket by Iron X Handrail offers business owners a 24-inch handrail designed to span two steps. Made of wrought iron, it weighs more and will sway less than an aluminum rail of the same design. Additionally, because it installs at the feet, the wrought iron helps it resist bending.

Depending on the needs of a business, this rail can also be purchased with paver stones that make installation easier and more secure. For permanent installation, the railing is intended to be bolted directly into the stones or any cement steps.


– easy to install

– comes with additional stone or paver stone fasteners

3. Moen 8732 Home 32-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar

For offices without accessibility accessories, this grab bar offers the perfect solution for businesses needing to upgrade a non-accessible bathroom.

Because bathroom bars bear the full weight of someone as they shift their position from a wheelchair to a stool, the bar must be able to support varying degrees of sudden heavyweight. This bar supports up to 500 pounds, so it will absolutely suffice.

Note: it must be installed into a stud, or the person installing it must use SecureMounts, which can be purchased separately.


– 500-pound weight limit

– stainless steel

– easy to install

4. 11-foot handrail kit

This 11-foot handrail offers businesses the ability to upgrade small hallways or entrances. However, the railing can also be attached in small rooms to provide additional support. It features a solid aluminum build that resists bending.

Additionally, it can be purchased in a variety of lengths, ensuring businesses get the right size for their needs. Because it is made of aluminum, it will not rust. As such, it is perfect for indoor or outdoor stairs.


– aluminum build

– dark finish

– curved end caps to meet stringent building codes

– twist-lock railing system

5. 48-inch handrail: complete kit

This rail comes in 48-inch sections, so it can easily accommodate small stairways, entryways, or rooms that need a sturdy, accessibility upgrades. The burnished aluminum will not bend or warp, and the twist-lock construction offers an easy-to-install system that anyone can handle.


– standard 48-inch rail

– burnished-aluminum design

6. 36-inch handrail: complete kit

For a more stylish design, the red-oak rails with burnished-nickel end caps provide a classic look for any office or business requiring a rail for a more calming environment. The wood overlay surrounds an aluminum core, so the railing will not break into pieces. Additionally, for easy installation, the fast-clip system allows installers to pivot the rails to match studs.


– oak overlay

– aluminum core

– adjusts to match stud layout

– conforms to ADA and residential building codes

7. Transitional Handrail

This handrail system is designed to serve as a transition between rooms or up small entry steps. It is long enough to fit up to three steps, and it can be installed to wood, concrete, or brick.

The finish is aluminum, so it is rustproof. Additionally, for ease of use, it is “rockable” up to 41 degrees. Rockable simply means it can be installed at varying angles, ensuring it meets the incline of your steps. Finally, for people unable to install it into rock, they can easily hire a professional installation company, such as Glass Fencing.


– aluminum build

– installs securely in a variety of construction-grade stone

– rockable up to 41 degrees

– curved for a stylish appearance


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