Getting To Know Emergency Plumbers and When You Should Have Them Over

Getting To Know Emergency Plumbers and When You Should Have Them Over

A clogged drain can signal the start of a very bad day. Like, don’t you just hate it when the first thing you see in the morning is a sink full of dishes because you had no way of washing them the night before? It’s dreadful, really. It can make the best days turn upside down – yes, even Sunday!

But of course, clogged drains are nothing new. We get them all the time, especially in sinks and basins we most frequently use – like the one we have in the kitchen! Since we tend to use and abuse this often overlooked part of the kitchen, they can go bad very fast. It’s not like there is absolutely no solution to it though! Like every other object in need of repair, there is a solution to clogged sinks too. Actually, there’s more than just one solution so aren’t you mighty happy to hear that?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that there are tasks that you are capable of doing by yourself (check this out). There are also tasks that you won’t be able to do by yourself. It’s all about learning where your limits lie and accepting that there are things you can and cannot do. For now, let’s start with what you can do.

What To Do When Your Drainage Is Clogged

Getting To Know Emergency Plumbers and When You Should Have Them Over

First off, don’t panic. Just because your pipes in the kitchen are clogged does not mean it’s the end of the world you know. There are still a few things you can do to take care of the situation – and no, it will not involve an insane amount of money.

To start, you should physically check what’s clogging your pipe. For all you know, a spoon, fork, or some other utensil have fallen into the sinkhole while you were washing dishes and that’s what has been causing the obstruction. If there’s something obstructing your drainage pipe, then you shouldn’t be surprised why water isn’t quick to go down – especially if what’s lodged takes up a lot of space. If this is your problem, then that’s a good thing. The solution is easy; you may just be able to pick it out.

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Another thing that may have caused the obstruction is grime build up. When you wash dishes and such, oil and food particles often go down the drain (yes, no matter how careful you are!). These bits and pieces of food, plus the lard that naturally comes with your plates and utensils, can stick onto the inner walls of the pipes. This builds up over time and makes it harder for water to pass through easily. When the water in your sink is starting to drain slowly, then this may be the cause.

Now, the initial solution to this problem is to apply drain cleaner. This formula solution is concentrated enough to wash out the dirt and grime build up. What happens is that it dissolves the obstruction – dirt, oil, hair and all. However, in order for such a solution to work, you need to be patient. You have to let it sit for a good while, or as the packaging instructs (which is often 24 – 48 hours). If you rush it just because you can’t wait long enough to see results, then trust me – you’re not getting any.

The key is to strictly let the solution sit for a generous amount of time. If it still doesn’t work after that, then you probably have a bigger problem on your hands. That’s the time you call the emergency plumbers over and have them work their magic.

Who Are Emergency Plumbers?

Emergency plumbers are expert professionals who are skilfully trained to handle clogged drainage systems. You can check out if you want to get to know a good group. They’re the people you call when you suspect that something is blocking the insides of your pipes and you can’t fix it on your own. Great plumbers act fast and efficiently so that you can avoid worst case scenarios. If it’s a big problem you’re having, then you need big men to offer you the solution.

Anyway, if your problem is a little too much to handle, never hesitate to ask for help. There is no use trying to shoulder everything on your own. In fact, that may only spell out more trouble. Seek help whenever necessary!


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