Brilliant Bedrooms

Brilliant Bedrooms

If you think about your home, very often you think about all the little or perhaps even large scale changes you’d hope to make. Perhaps your living room needs a coat of paint or you could do with investing in some bookshelves to give a home to all those books currently spread all over your tables.

Often and in particular if you have children, your own bedroom is the last place that gets put on the list. There always seems something or someone with more pressing needs than your own space.

In this blog we’re putting a stop to the last place bedroom and instead going through some ideas to transform your cluttered nightmare into a haven of dreams and tranquility.

Find Your Floor

For some people, having deep luxurious carpet is exactly the sensation they want underneath their feet. For others smooth, sanded floorboards and statement rugs create a cosy haven. Whatever you go for, neither of these looks will work until you reclaim your floorspace. Those clothes, books and paperwork piled up everywhere need to be dealt with. This will mean, at the very least having a good sort through of your items but may also mean investing in some more spacious wardrobes or chest of drawers. See it as a good time to ditch that old, falling apart furniture and reinventing your bedroom look.

Then you’ll be in a great position to think about how your floor is going to look, but first: your bed.


The centrepiece for every bedroom is of course the bed and when you’re looking for a great night’s sleep you should consider your bed as a great investment for your physical and mental health.

Sleep is the place where your mind and body are restored and repaired from the stresses of the day, where you can sink into a deep restorative sleep ready to take on whatever the next day throws at you.

Your bed needs to be good quality so spend as much as you can on buying a mattress that is high quality and that will last you for at least the next eight to ten years.

Shop around to see what you can find and think about buying the largest size to fit on your frame. If you’re not sure what size your bed frame is, see here for mattress size dimensions.

Give yourself an even better night’s sleep with curtains that are properly lined to block out as much light as possible and keep you fast asleep until your body is properly recharged.

When there’s so much to do around your home, your bedroom is often at the bottom of the list but now it’s time to put your needs first and create a sanctuary to escape to at the end of a long day, ready for a great night’s sleep.

Create a great excuse to declutter and update your style with new carpet, curtains and bedroom furniture. Then sink into your new bed, surrounded by a style you’re finally happy with.


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