Planning a dream trip to Ireland? Everything you need to know

Planning a dream trip to Ireland? Everything you need to know

The number of people who are planning to visit Ireland is growing by the day. Would you like to be among them? If yes, there are certain things you need to know so that when your time finally comes, you will enjoy every moment to the fullest. This post shares about everything you need to know about planning your trip to Ireland, the things you will fall in love with when you visit Ireland, and most importantly, creating the most effective itinerary to visit Ireland.

Although a trip for one week or so is not enough to truly get to know this extraordinary island, at least one visit is far much better than none. There is just so much to see that planning an itinerary for traveling to Ireland becomes a hard task. However, with Galway Tour Company, you can feel at home since they will help you do that and make your dream trip to Ireland worth it.

Ireland travel tips

Interestingly, if you travel to Ireland for a short while, the appetite for more such visits will increase. It is almost next to impossible to visit Ireland and fail to fall in love with the country. Traveling to Ireland is not complicated, especially if you know what is expected of you as a traveler. Below are some fantastic tips that can help you make your trip to Ireland extraordinary without breaking the bank.

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The best time to visit Ireland

There is no wrong time to travel to this beautiful country. Winters might be cold, but Ireland holds a charm that is rare to find in other countries. If you do not want to deal with rains, then you can opt for summers when the sun is up and shinning. Most tourists flood the country from June to early October, and it is during this time when most tourists’ attraction sites remain open.

If you are a loner, you can visit during spring when the number of tourists reduces. Although you will have to deal with rains, you will also get a chance to take memorable photos without disruptions from the crowd. You will also have high bargaining power to items such as rental cars, accommodation, and food.


Before you start to plan for your dream trip to Ireland, find out if you will need a visa to be allowed into the country. There are certain countries where their citizens must apply for a visa to visit Ireland. If you are from such a country and arrive in Ireland without a permit, unfortunately, you will not be allowed into the country.

A holiday visa is for a short time, and it will not go beyond 3 months or 90 days. Alternately, you can check with Dublin Tour Company and allow them to plan your trip. This will save you time and energy.

Weather condition

It is essential to find out the weather condition before you travel so that you can pack accordingly. Ireland can be wet and chilly at any time of the year, and so you need to have clothes that can keep you warmer.

If you intend to go hiking, make sure your packing list consists of good water, windproof jacket, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes. You will not have to bring an umbrella along; if you need one, you can just buy it in the local stores at an affordable price.

Food in Ireland

This is one sector that cannot be assumed. You will eat when you visit Ireland even if it is just a day. Fortunately, you will find almost all types of foods. Even special foods like vegan and gluten-free are also available.


When it comes to food, expect to be astounded by the quality of food available in most restaurants. The locally produced and sourced products are also available in plenty. When you finally land in Ireland, make sure you take a food tour and visit the Irish markets.

Obtaining money

Do not worry about how you will pay your bills during your trip to Ireland. Visa and MasterCard are accepted in most places. There are even other places which accept American Express. You can use your credit card to withdraw cash from the ATM, do some shopping or pay bills.

So, instead of carrying cash everywhere you go, you can use your credit card. There are some banks in Ireland which have allowed the US or Canadian banks to use their ATMs at no extra cost. However, it is important to double check with your bank before you go to avoid unnecessary costs.

A memorable trip to Ireland

So, when you finally make your dream trip to Ireland, do not forget to make good use of the above information. Make sure you choose the most suitable season for you and utilize every opportunity of the moment. For further advice, please contact the Dublin Tour Company for detailed assistance.



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