20 DIY Christmas Card Ideas

20 DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas holiday is a time to give gifts and cards. Sending some Christmas cards is necessary even if you’re going to give gifts to everyone. There’s no better way to show how much you care about your loved ones than a DIY Christmas card.

Many people spend a lot of resources and time to make or buy unique gifts for friends and family. However, it is an outdated practice to accompany them with the common generic card. Try something new with your cards this coming Christmas. You should hand-make them.

Handmade Christmas cards are unique and personalized. Therefore, you should make them with a specific person in mind. Additionally, you can make it in a way that you prefer.

While the card might be cheap, it is still worth it to make them instead of buying. It will save you some little cash. In addition, taking some time to make a unique Christmas card for your loved ones is the most genuine way to show them what they mean to you.

In this article, we are going share with you 20 DIY Christmas card ideas so that you can use them to make a fabulous one. Business Print can help you to make a beautiful and lovely Christmas card

1. Paint Chip Christmas Cards


Creating this card design is very simple. You’ll only need some star stickers and paint chips (any color of your choice). Also, you’ll cut the paint chips in Christmas tree shapes for the project. You can cut the cards to your desired size. Finally, glue them on a plain card and embellish with the stars.

2. Use Mini Tree Punch To Make Paper Christmas Tree

You’ll hardly see a Christmas card that’s easier to make than this one. You only need to cut small Christmas tree shapes from a bright paper. Next, you stick them on a decorative pattern to make the card.

3. DIY Christmas Tree Cards

Creating this card requires some folding, but it’s still easy to make. Fold the white papers and glue them on the blank card. And then, fold a pink star to place on top of the Christmas tree. You can use any other type and paper color for this project.

4. Doily Christmas Tree Cards

For this project, you will need a star sticker, a Doily, and a bright plain card paper. It’ll only take you some minutes to create since you only fold the doily into a Christmas tree shape and then stick it on the folded card. Finally, glue the star sticker at the top.

5. Singing Reindeer Christmas Card

This DIY Christmas card requires no specialized skills to create because it’s more simple and straightforward than it looks. To create a reindeer image on the card, you need to cut ovals and circles in a variety of colors and use them to form the shape of a reindeer holding a book. Decorate the card with glitters.

6. Handmade Clean and Simple Christmas Card

To create this card, you will need to glue a green Christmas tree, which you can cut or make from an old card on a Swiss dot folder and tie a green ribbon below the tree to spice it up.

7. Christmas Pop Up Tree Card pexels-photo-263877.jpeg

If you want to create this unique card, a little creativity is essential. You need a regular green paper and folded plain card. Next, fold the green paper in a fan-like pattern, and cut it into strips of different sizes. To finish your DIY Christmas card, glue the green pieces at the center to create a pop-up design.

8. Tiny Envelopes Card with Confetti and Blank Notes

Unique Christmas cards are the best, and here is an idea that’ll ensure that yours stands out. You will need to stick some patterned and multi-colored tiny envelopes on a blank card. Then, put some notes on some of them and confetti on others.

9. DIY Christmas Card

Want a unique idea that’ll impress your loved ones? Try a card that doubles up as an envelope. To create the card, start by cutting colorful patterned papers into a heart shape. Fold it into a beautiful envelope.

10. Thumbprint Reindeer Christmas Cards

It is perfect to do this DIY project with your kids. It’s very simple, but still enjoyable. You will use your thumbprints to create beautiful reindeer heads on a plain card and then use a brown marker to form the antlers. Name the deer heads according to whose thumbprint forms it.

11. Snowflake Wreath Christmas Card

This project requires some plastic or paper snowflakes and a plain white card only. You need to arrange and glue the snowflakes on the card to create a cute wreath and sign your name on it.

12. Fingerprint Christmas Light Card

In this project, the first step is to draw a black line with some swirls in it. Next, draw some small squares that form the bottom of your bulbs. You should have your kids deep their pointer fingers in color paints and then push them above the squares to create the beautiful lights.

13. Ribbon Tree Christmas Cards

While this card is as simple as any can get, it involves a lot of creativity. It will require gluing a small straw or stick to a plain card with a star above it. Finally, you use two ribbons to form a beautiful Christmas tree shape. Start from the star at the top.

14. Handmade Christmas Packages

This is a simple project that you can do using some embossing folder at home. Use the folders to create small packages with different patterns, and tie them with strings and then glue them to a blank card. Add a simple message below the packets.

15. Gemstones DIY Christmas Card

For this project, you’ll need a fine permanent line marker, a cardstock that you should fold in half, and some oversize gems. To create the card, you need to arrange and glue the gemstones in the front part of the card. Draw a string from the tops of the fold to the gemstones. Give each a bow.

16. Simple Christmas Card with Stars pexels-photo-688013.jpeg

A little investment might be needed for this project since you’ll need Spellbinders star dies, twig dies, and memory boxberries. Everything else is straightforward once you have the items. Besides, you can make several other designs apart from this.

17. Santa Hat Card

This five-minute craft requires red paper, blank cards, a glue stick, and cotton wool balls. The process of making this Christmas card is easy. You only need to cut a red paper into a hat-like shape and stick it on a blank paper. Then, use cotton wool to form the top and lower parts of the Santa hat.

18. Simple Button Homemade Christmas Cards

The main things that you need for this card are a folded blank card and some color buttons. You should arrange and glue the buttons on the top part of the card, draw fine lines from the fold to the buttons and finally, give each a bow.

19. Ribbon Christmas Tree Card

It takes only a few minutes to finish this card, as it’s very easy to make. You need to glue a small stick on a plain paper and a red star above it. Place a shiny ribbon above it to form a Christmas tree.

20. Christmas Pearl Ornament Card

Most people have some pearls somewhere in their homes. However, if you don’t have them, you can purchase them. They are cheap. For this DIY Christmas card, you should have a cute and folded red card as the background on which you’ll stick a bow ribbon and pearls of different sizes to create a unique, classy-looking Christmas card.


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