Take the Stress Out of Dating! How to Hire an Escort

Take the Stress Out of Dating! How to Hire an Escort

Contrary to popular belief, educated folks run the sex industry in the United States. In fact, over two-thirds — or 69.9% — of them are high school grads, GED earners, or are college undergraduates.

Some escorts are even proud bearers of a college degree!

And while many people refer to them using colorful terms like “hookers”, escorts are more than that. They provide actual companionship and can hold smart, interesting, and funny conversations. That’s why many of their clients are who you’d describe as “distinguished” and “classy”.

That said, you may want to hire escort services, especially if you’ve been out of the dating scene for some time now. Or, you can simply have an escort accompany you to wherever and have a blast along the way.

Whatever your reason is though, it’s best you first learn how to hire an escort. We’ll show you the ropes on this one, so be sure to keep reading!

Be Sure You’re Dealing with an Actual Escort (and Agency)

Depending on where you live, law enforcement distinguishes escorts vs prostitutes. In the U.S. for instance, prostitution is illegal in every state except in some Nevada areas. That’s because acquiring money for sex is the sole goal of prostitution.

Escorts for hire, however, aren’t specifically for sex, as one can hire them only as a companion. Escorts can also work as entertainers whose services don’t extend to sex. In that way, escorts are like business folks who provide non-sexual services.

What happens after the initial date is up to the escort and the client though. If they like each other and would like to take their activities to the bedroom, then that’s up to them. So long as both parties consent, then they can do whatever they want after their first date.

That said, make certain that you hire an escort, or better yet, hire one from a legit escort agency. Reputable escort agencies ensure their escorts are personable and aren’t drug addicts.

Do Your Homework on Both the Agency and the Escort

Google “the best US escort services”, and you’ll get a whopping 190 million search results. Along with these are online communities dedicated to reviewing both escorts and agencies. Be sure to read through as many of these as you can, and keep a look out on those with multiple reviews.

Names that appear several times in positive reviews show promise. If several people have similar reviews about an escort, chances are, they’re true. Also, be sure to check sites that review escorts based on their “areas of specialization”.

For instance, some escorts may be the “perfect dinner companion”. Smart and witty conversations are what you can expect from them. Others specialize in providing the ultimate “girlfriend experience“.

Understand the Rules – And Stick to Them

Escorting services are just like any other professional service provider. As such, they also have terms and conditions and they expect professional treatment.

For example, if they explicitly say they don’t do a certain type of service, don’t push it. If you really want that kind of service, feel free to look for another escort who offers that.

While it all boils down to what you want, knowing your escorting options better can help trim your list down.

Prepare Yourself as Professionals Will Screen You Too

You know how Uber and Airbnb let both service providers and clients leave reviews? Escorts and agencies are pretty much like them — they’ll also need to screen and “review” you first. Many of them will ask for references and names of other pros you’ve seen.

Seeing as this is your first time, don’t be afraid to tell them the truth. Although this may be a no-no for some providers, some are still very welcoming to newbies.

The main reason they need to screen you is for their own safety and protection. Just like how you don’t want to end up cheated or in prison, escorts worry about those too. And, they also have to worry about clients who may be abusive or violent.

So, be ready to provide a few details about yourself, such as your employer or LinkedIn account. Don’t worry — they won’t call up your company and tell them they’re an escort agency. They’ll use other subtle means to verify you’re telling the truth about yourself.

Save the Date

Once you have your eye on an escort, time to set up your first meet and save the date! Before ringing up the pro though, be sure you’ve already decided whether to do an incall or an outcall.

An incall involves the escort picking the when and where of your meeting. Often times, this would be the provider’s apartment or hotel room. While this is pretty much normal, it’s best to stay on the safe side and do an outcall instead.

With an outcall service, you get to choose whenever and wherever you’d like to meet the escort. You have more control over the environment, which can help you feel more relaxed.

For example, you can take her out to dinner first. This is a good way to gauge vibes and establish a connection with your “partner”. Also, this may help you calm your nerves in case you’re worried about the escort being a cop or whatnot.

Clean and Dress Yourself Up

Treat your first date with an escort like any other date you have been to — all clean, showered, and dressed up! Yeah, your nice clothes may end up crinkled and in a bunch beside the bed later. But you wouldn’t want to greet your date wearing filthy, smelly clothes, much less nothing at all, would you?

Also, remember that escorts have terms and conditions, which often covers inappropriate behavior. This can include visible hygiene issues and possible drug use. They can reject a client for all these reasons and more.

That single rejection can lead to you having issues booking the same escort in the future. In fact, escorting service providers may not want to deal with you anymore as well. So, be a gentleman (or woman), clean up, and be ready on time.

Hire Escort Services Now and Let the Fun Begin

There you have it, the ultimate guide you should use when you want to hire escort services. Follow everything in this tip list, and you’ll have a higher chance of securing a partner for a day (maybe even the next day!).

Ready for more nuggets of wisdom about dating? Then be sure to browse our other posts on relationships!


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