Decorating a Baby’s Room on a Budget

Decorating a Baby’s Room

A baby on the way is one of the most wonderful feelings, but it can be stressful in so many ways, including thinking about balancing the budget. There are so many expenses to consider, like clothing, diapers, furniture, and other baby-related purchases, that it can be hard to allocate a budget to decorating the baby’s new room. Fortunately, if you know where to look and how to shop, you can save a bundle and still make your new baby’s room everything you’ve dreamed of.

Plan ahead

Shopping for everything last minute or buying items on the spot is fun and impulsive, but it can be costly if you aren’t careful. Planning ahead and carefully considering what to buy, doing research, and comparing prices will help you stick to a budget and allow you to plan for sales events and promotions from retailers. Amazon Prime Day is coming up, so start looking around now for the best Amazon Prime Day deals in order to shop efficiently when the sale goes live.

Also think about your favorite brands and subscribe to their email mailing lists. Often, companies will send you a discount for signing up as a thank you, and then you will be able to also receive promotional emails and get a heads up on any upcoming sales. It’s a win-win! Moreover, occasionally some brands will offer special discounts in-store if you “check-in” on Facebook or leave a Google review, so it doesn’t hurt to inquire.

Visit thrift stores

Okay all you germaphobes, bear with this suggestion because you can find some really good items at thrift stores for cheap. As long as you check for broken parts, structural integrity, and permanent stains, anything can be fixed, cleaned, or redecorated to fit your style. You can also find out which days your local thrift store receives its deliveries, so you can show up early and browse the best items before they’re all picked through.

It’s also worth checking out flea markets and garage sales in case there are any hidden gems you can bargain for. Keep an eye out for signs in your neighborhood and make a point of visiting them early.

Ask friends and family for old furniture

If any of your friends or family members have had kids that have outgrown their furniture or other belongings, ask if you can buy them for cheap (or if you’re lucky, have them for free!) so you don’t have to buy brand new and pay retail prices.

Browse mommy groups 

Buying second-hand furniture or decor is another great way to help stay within your budget. Of course there are websites like Craigslist where you can peruse and even set up alerts for specific items, but one of the best resources for good quality second-hand items are mommy groups. Facebook is full of community groups dedicated to new moms and parenting, and there are plenty of buy and sell groups within this category. Members frequently post baby and toddler goods that they purchased brand new and don’t need anymore, and sometimes they’ve been barely used at all so they look and function as if you just brought them home from the store.

Repurpose what you have

Is there anything around your home that you can repurpose for the baby’s room? Perhaps you have some chairs you can sand and repaint, or a dresser you can fix up. Whatever you own and have time for, you can save money on, so maybe recruit some friends or family members to help you and spend a weekend fixing up some old furniture.

Before you know it, your baby will be here, so start planning now to make sure everything is ready for your new family member.


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