5 things to know about vaping CBD

5 things to know about vaping CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is proving to be a remarkable, natural therapeutic agent. Part of the reason why this hemp derivative is garnering such broad appeal is down to the numerous ways that it can be enjoyed, and the unique benefits that come with each consumption method.

Our focus in this post is going to be on the effects of vaping, and the benefits of CBD vape oil wholesale products. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with vaping – we’re going to start with the basics, and keep it short and sweet.

CBD takes effect quicker than any other method

CBD kicks in at different speeds depending on how you take it. Vaporizing is the fastest of all. Technically, the effects are exactly the same when smoked, but since smoking is harmful, we don’t recommend it as a way of using CBD. Firstly, it sure makes vaping convenient – whenever you need a hit, you can heat up your vaporizer in seconds and take one on-demand. Within a few seconds, the CBD is active in the bloodstream, after traveling into the lungs and being absorbed via tissues in the organ.

This is really, really helpful for illnesses with acute symptoms, where fast-acting relief is vital for the treatment to be of any benefit whatsoever. For instance, neuropathic pain patients can find their quality of life severely reduced due to the adverse effect that symptoms have on their mobility. But with CBD vaping, the relief is felt more quickly than with an orally taken painkiller. Furthermore, you don’t have to overdo it with just CBD – just take a hit when you know you need it.

There are fewer downsides to vaping than smoking

While we certainly wouldn’t suggest that vaping is safe compared to not vaping, research shows that it is significantly safer than smoking, and also a more cost-effective way of getting your CBD. Vaping is not as dangerous for the body, and specifically the lungs, as smoking, because there is no burning involved.

When you smoke a CBD-rich joint, the super-hot temperatures and combusting plant material are damaging for the lungs, not least because of the carcinogens and toxins. But when vaping a tasty e-juice, the vapor inhaled is cool and carcinogen-free. There may be some trade-off for people who have never smoked or vaped. But many are perfectly happy with this, because of the efficient relief provided by the CBD e-liquid.

CBD-isolate vape juice is best for drug tests

Some CBD vape juices are made with isolated CBD extracts that are taken from industrial hemp plant material. The extraction process used to make isolates typically involves carbon dioxides and not solvents as is often the case with lower quality CBD products.

The hemp plant is non-psychoactive, because the natural amount of CBD is much, much higher than that of psychoactive THC – in addition to there not being enough THC to cause a high, CBD has anti-psychoactive effects anyway. However, that doesn’t stop THC from gradually building up in the body with whole-plant or full-spectrum CBD products. Drug tests are not worried about non-intoxicating CBD, but they are hot on THC. So, if you can’t afford to produce a failed result, you may be better off sticking with CBD-isolate vape juices.

Full-spectrum CBD e-liquid may be more therapeutic

However, it’s far from all bad news regarding full-spectrum CBD e-liquids. These contain absolutely every single compound that was found in the hemp plant, including cannabinoids such as THC, cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN). The crucial caveat is that THC cannot be present in levels greater than 0.3% for hemp-derived CBD products, according to US federal law.

However, the tiny quantity of THC can work with CBD and the other compounds, generating a therapeutic boost that comes in the form of the synergistic ‘entourage effect’. For those CBD vapers who don’t mind having a little bit of CBD in their bodies, it’s worth spending more on a Hemplucid vape juice.

Products made with MCT oil are more potent

The other ingredient that makes CBD more useful than if it was taken isolated is medium-chained triglyceride (MCT) oil – many brands like to use coconut oil as a source of MCTs. These are fatty acids that literally boosts the potency of a CBD e-liquid. Much of the cannabinoid usually goes to the waste, as the body struggles to metabolize large molecules. A link-up of MCTs and CBD effectively hacks the body, so that more CBD can be metabolized and absorbed, and become active.


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