10 Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

10 Fun Games to Play with Toddlers

The initial years of your kid are very important in order that they develop the necessary skills and understanding to deal with tough and day to day situations in future.

Since it is evident that playing interactive games boost your kids overall development in terms of their mind and body.

Fun and educational games build your kid’s cognitive, physical and problem-solving skills.

Sure they can play educational and fun games on phones or tablets but the screen-free game is said to be more beneficial for a kid’s brain.

In this post, we are going to cover some of the fundamental games and techniques using which you can help your kid to develop the important cognitive and analytical skills that will definitely help them in their coming years.

Also, in the 21st century, since the technology, gadgets and mobile phones have already made a lucrative space in our lives, many of us have forgotten that it is very important that our kids are exposed to outdoor as well as interactive gameplay which would also help them to develop their body and brain.

Here are some of the common and most popular games that you can make your toddlers play.

  1. Clap happy:

By 16 months of age, a toddler can hold his/her hand open, but it may be a while before they clap their hands independently.

For now, help your toddler in clapping their hand while sitting with them on the floor and singing clapping songs like patty cake.

This activity will boost their overall development of language skills as well as their hand-eye coordination.

2.    Peekaboo:

Just as your toddler loved peekaboo as a small baby, they will love to play games like ‘who’s there’ and ‘hide and seek’.

In the morning hide under a blanket, or at the bath time, use a big towel to hide. For extra fun, you can gently make things fun by saying things like, ”it this a leg? Or is a hand?”

Your toddler will love to play this game and also learn that just because he cannot see something, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. This would also help them develop analytical things as they will try to guess the body par without actually seeing it.

3.    Sing Songs:

Sound plays an important role in creating your toddler’s imagination.

Playing games that repeat certain sounds like reading out rhymes like a “twinkle-twinkle little star” out loud and experimenting with different sounds and songs develop vocal and language skills.

4.    Big and little:

In this game, your toddler says if the thing you name is ‘big’ or ‘little’. This game is very beneficial for their brain as it is a natural exercise to help them with their understanding.

For example:

You: elephant

Toddler: big

You: coin

Toddler: small

You: camel

Toddler: big

This game boosts the overall development of your toddler.

5.    Push and pull:

If your toddler is trying to pull themselves up and trying to walk, help him to practice with a pushing and pulling game. Try to help them get up from the floor while keeping supporting them from the lower part of their body.

This will build up their overall confidence to stand and walk.

6.    Tea Party:

This game is for toddlers who are between the age of 9-14. Get the best kids kitchen set for your toddler to teach them the kitchen etiquettes. Pretend that it’s tea time and ask your kid to pour you some tea from the teapot.

This game will be used to make your toddler understand, how to eat at the dinner table.

7.    Roll it to me:

Toddlers love to play with the ball, whether it is kicking or throwing.

Soft foam balls are best for toddlers. Though, keep a close eye on your toddlers because some toddlers are curious to see what the ball tastes like, and foam is a choking hazard.

The best activity to play with the ball is an easy version of ‘’catch and throw’’.

8.    Just Dance:

Play good songs to make your toddler do specific actions – like a loud song will make him jump joyfully. You can also enjoy this activity with your kid. This will also make your bond stronger. This is a great game which helps your toddler develop listening skills and descriptive skills.

9.    Catch me if you can!:

Toddlers love to play this game. The objective of this game for your child is to get caught especially when it means a big hug and lots of giggling every time you catch them. The main advantage is that you can play this game anywhere and with toddlers of age between 2-10 years.

10.    What can you listen?:

Take your kid to the garden and ask them to close their eyes and listen carefully.

After a minute, ask him what they heard and compare it to what you heard- it can be a bird singing or the sound of the wind.

This game helps your toddler develop analytical and listening skills.

Some recommendations:

• Playing building block: It makes your toddler’s imagination go wild. They can make a big building or a small squared shaped box.

• Playing Atlas: This would help your kid to know about different countries and states.

We hope you must have enjoyed reading this post. We are certain that the above-mentioned games would help your kid build analytical skills.

Do share your views with us in the comments section below We would love to hear your thoughts.


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