Kitchen Cabinets: All you want to know

Kitchen Cabinets: All you want to know

Everyone desires a beautiful and attractive kitchen which will make guests envious. Kitchen is one of the main rooms of your house and the perfect kitchen is a dream which alludes many people. Kitchen cabinets are essential requisites of every kitchen. These are cupboards for keeping various utensils, crockery sets and other necessary items of the kitchen, and to display them for giving a gaudy look to the kitchen. Most of the kitchen cabinets have separate partitions or drawers inside them where you can segregate and keep different kinds of accessories. For example, there are separate sections for keeping plates and bowls and separate drawers for keeping the cutleries.

What kind of kitchen cabinet will suit your kitchen the most, depends a lot on the interior design of your space. The color of the walls, the types of furniture present in the apartment, flooring, etc. play a deciding factor in choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen.

In most households, kitchens are quite small. Thus, cabinets are immensely helpful in keeping the kitchen clutter-free and organized. It also becomes quite easy for you to track things when they are kept in specific racks of the cabinet rather than cluttering the whole kitchen.

Some types of cabinets in the kitchen are discussed below:

1. Shaker: This is one of the most popular styles of kitchen cabinet design of today. As many as 5 types of panels form this design out of which 4 panels form the frame, and the remaining panel is displayed at the middle of the cabinet. Such types of cabinets are made of wood types like hickory, maple, oak, cherry, etc. to name a few. They impart a classy and traditional look to your kitchens.

2. Slabs: These are cabinets with flat panels which provide a modern look to the kitchen. An advantage of making this kind of cabinet is that it’s affordable. Their doors are mainly frameless, and they resemble solid slabs.

3. Louvered: These types of cabinets comprise of wooden slats placed horizontally, and have spaces between the slats. Thus, these are excellent choices for pantry cabinets due to their ventilation options. They are unique and classy in looks and add value to your kitchens.

4. Inset: Such types of cabinets comprise of a door placed into the inset frame of the cabinet. You can customize them based on your preferences of inserts which can be either beaded or without beads. These type of custom kitchen cabinets are expensive, but they last for a very long time. Another important feature of this type of cabinet is they are provided with hinges on the cabinet doors.

5. Bead board: They are usually present as planks placed vertically one over the other, and have ridges in the middle of the blanks. They provide a vintage look to your boring kitchen and make it attractive in look and design.

6. Distressed: As the name suggests, these types of cabinets give an old and antique look to your kitchen. The doors of these cabinets are without sharp corners and it takes a lot of money for designing such kitchen cabinetry.

7. Thermofoil: This type of cabinet is made of MDF or medium density fiberboard. It has a coating of plastic which is then subjected to heat to seal the pattern completely. One unique feature of such kitchen cabinetry is that they are available in a variety of colors and patterns and are also cost-effective, so you can easily afford them. One precaution which you need to take while using this type of cabinet is that it should not come in direct contact with a source of heat as it is good conductors of heat.

Apart from the above-mentioned types, custom cabinets are also quite common in many households nowadays. You can call an interior designer and show him, the type of kitchen you have. He will then suggest you the best quality of cabinet based on your budget, look, and design of your place and the space available in your kitchen. He can also assist you to choose the best kitchen cabinets cheap but attractive, which may prove to be a great advantage for you. However, it is always advisable to go for professional designers who have experience and expertise in the field. Going for an amateur designer can not only create a mess but also drain your pocket. Customizing cabinets also allow you to give suggestions regarding the placement and design of the cabinets.

Advantages of kitchen cabinets

 Kitchen cabinets are excellent for storing things in the kitchen.

 In today’s day and time, most people go for small-spaced apartments and kitchens are not usually spacious. Having cabinets inside kitchens help you to store things in an organized manner and keep your kitchen, clutter-free.

 Cabinets provide a unique look and feel to your kitchen and make it look more attractive.

 You can keep accessories inside the cabinets to ensure saving space and safety.

 Accessories in the cabinet will automatically be kept away from the reach of children.

Types of kitchen cabinet materials

Kitchen cabinets are mostly made of different varieties of wood, but sometimes, they have glass doors as well, especially when you want to display your antique pieces of cutleries or cups and dishes. Some of the common kitchen cabinet materials are discussed below:

1. Wood: They are the most durable options for kitchen cabinets. They provide a great look to your kitchen and are also easy to install.

2. Particle wood: This includes mainly the dust which comes out from processing or cutting wood. Other than wood, it may have its sources as non-wood substances like straw, linen, barks, etc. It is generally used as coatings on the wooden surfaces of cabinets to give a rustic and antique touch to the designs.

3. Plywood: It is usually cheaper than conventional hardwood and comes in the form of thin sheets or layers. It is quite common in many households due to its affordability and availability.

4. Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF: It is more durable, and better than plywood, in terms of strength and longevity. It also contains fibers but it is generally smaller in size than those of particle wood. One advantage of using MDF in kitchen cabinets is their smooth surfaces and the property of not having any bumps and ridges on its surface.

5.     Steel cabinets: Another common material by which Kitchen cabinets are made is stainless steel. They do not get rusted and give a gaudy and contemporary look and feel to your kitchen. But they may be a bit expensive which can be difficult to afford by many people.

6. Laminate and melamine coatings: These materials are generally used over wood or particle wood to give a touch of uniqueness and smartness to your kitchen cabinets. They are available in many types of textures, hues, and patterns, and are generally waterproof and thus, are greatly preferred as materials for kitchen cabinets.

Thus, based on your choices, priorities, recommendations from your close circle of friends and relatives, and budget, you can choose the best kitchen cabinets for your kitchen. Proper research before the purchase or making of the cabinets can be beneficial in every aspect.


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