Flaunt your figure in the perfect bikini

Flaunt your figure in the perfect bikini

A Bikini is a small, well fitted, two-piece swimwear for women and girls. It is smaller than a brief and is mostly used as a swimsuit and consists of two triangles on the top part, like a bra covering the female breasts, and two triangles on the bottom covering the front and back of a woman’s private parts. The size of both the products varies according to the design.

Owing to its exposing design, the bikini was not initially accepted by people. Women started using it as a bathing suit after some famous film personalities photographs wearing the bikinis were published in the media. The bikini became famous from the second half of the 1960s and ladies started using it as swimwear and bathing wear. From the start of the 20th century, the bikinis were widely used as sportswear in the beach games.

Today, bikini comes out in various colors, size and designs and many varieties of women’s and men’s underwear are being marketed as bikini underwear. Bikinis are differentiated further depending on the designs and cuts. A bikini can be made of any material depending on the design. Shopping for a bikini does depend on the attitude and character of a person. Not everyone can wear a bikini with elegance and only some can carry it with grace.

Bikini reveals more than it covers, and a woman should feel comfortable while wearing it to look beautiful. Some dresses are worn for design and some are worn for a purpose, and the bikinis are worn for style and look.

Varieties and designs of Bikinis

Bikinis were initially worn as beachwear exposing only the navel, but today any two-piece swimwear is called as a bikini. When Lycra was introduced as a bikini material, it was well received in the market as it did not snag and was well fitted to the liking of the ladies and later velvet, leather, and other materials were used for making a bikini. Sequins are used a design purpose, and adding it gives a woman, a sexy look.

Bikinis come in various styles, sizes, and are manufactured using various materials. Some are used just as a fancy outfit, and many are used as beachwear and in a swimming pool. Sequin Banana Moon swimsuit are very famous for its chic design and quality of the fabrics. They are manufactured in all sizes suitable for every woman who likes to wear swimwear.  Some of the designs are:

Triangle Bikini

This is a classic swimsuit with tying at the back for the top and gives a perfect sexy look for a woman with minimal coverage of her body when seated in a beach or a pool.

Off the shoulder bikini

This Bikini looks trendy and has a shoulder exposure for a flirty and feminine look. This can be used as swimwear as a crop top for festivals and pool shows.

Bandeau Bikini

This strapless bikini covers the body like a band prevents unwanted tanning of your body parts. There is an option to wear this bandeau with a thin removable strap. 

Ripple Bikini

This is an accessory used with a bikini to give an extra flair to the bikini. This gives an elegant look to your already beautiful bikini.

Halter top Bikini

It is like a sleeveless tank with a high neck covering the neck and chest leaving the back and waist open and tied behind the neck. This is an eye-catching design different from other women bikini sets.

One Piece Swimwear

This is a one-piece swimsuit to show off your hourglass figure. This model is liked and worn by even professional models.

Multi-strap Bikini

This bikini has multiple-straps that end up as a halter at the back neck.

String Bikini   

This bikini has strings to cling at your back and also at the waistband to heat up the area.


This is a very skimpy beaches bikini style with bare minimum material to cover the private parts. This is a very strappy bikini suitable for a bold woman.


This is one of the moderate bikini bathing suits with straps at the shoulder and matching or a contrast color bottom piece.


It has a handkerchief and two small saucers barely covering the bottom portion and the breasts. It is a scintillating swimsuit available in all leading shops.

Sling Bikini

This gives very little coverage to your body and has straps going around the neck keeping both sides of the torso bare. This is a one-piece swimwear.


One of the best designs of swimwear which has a bikini top and small skirt and this design gives good coverage.

High Waist Bikini

This is a bikini for ladies who are not comfortable in revealing their waistline. This has a high waist covering the navel part.

Flounce Bikini

A bikini best suited for the summer with a halter top and a flounce to give a ravishing look.

Sequin Triangle Bikini

This has a fashionable shiny bra chain and can be worn on a bare body or can be worn outside a T-shirt. It can be used as an accessory for a swimsuit, casual wear, and beachwear.

Apart from the above bikini designs, there are more varieties like color changing bikinis, which change two colors on a touch. Colors like blue, gold, red, pink are the most preferred colors for a bikini.

Bikinis in sports

Bikinis are used in sports activities like beach volleyball, weightlifting competitions. Bikinis became popular from the 1990s in the sports arena.

Bikinis are the official uniforms for Beach volleyball. In many competitions including the Olympics, women have worn bikinis in the competition. Some women wear full body-covering bikinis because of the harsh cold conditions. Wearing bikinis in beach volleyball games have made the sport, attractive, and appealing for the spectators.

Women athletes wear smaller variations of bikinis in their athletic events like high jump, pole vault, running, and high jumping. In surfing, women wear bikinis during practice and games. Women weightlifters wear bikinis during the competition as they feel comfortable with this mini wear.

Bikini Underwear

There are some types of underwear called bikini underwear and worn by both men and women. Women wear a bikini with a smaller size and their underwear is similar in size to the regular bikini. Bikini underwear is an undergarment which covers fewer parts than normal underwear.

Men bikini underwear is revealing and covers fewer parts than regular underwear. Men’s bikini underwear is lower or higher than the lower waist and does not have additional features like pouch or leg bands. Men’s bikinis are more revealing than regular underwear and leave little to the imagination. It is considered as sexy wear used for specific purposes. This bikini underwear does not have any cloth in the thigh area and only cover the crouch and the back.

Swimwear and underwear are similar in look but differ in their purposes.

Swimwear is worn for external usage while underwear is worn inside a dress. Both of them are body fitting garments and whose designs changed according to the usage. Though both have different purposes, they should be comfortable to wear. Comfort in a bikini is one of the primary things while deciding which one to buy.

Many dress designs have come and gone, but nothing stood out like the humble bikini. Any women who wanted to flaunt her figure loves to wear bikinis. With very little garment, no dress could garner so much attention like a bikini.


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