Top 5 Best Smart Appliances for Your Kitchen

Top 5 Best Smart Appliances for Your Kitchen

It feels as if everything is “smart” these days; smartphones, smart cars, now there’s even smart appliances for kitchens.

While some smart appliances aren’t really worth the money, (Do you honestly need an oven that you can program from your phone to the exact setting for a recipe? As if turning the knob or pushing a button is more work than programming the app on your phone?  others can end up paying for themselves with improved energy usage and the ability to tell you when something needs service or repair before it actually breaks down.

Whether you are considering remodeling your kitchen (we recommend Home Ideations) or you need one or more new appliances, the following list of smart kitchen appliances is the best overall choice.

Smart Appliances That are Worth the Money

  • LG ThinQ Instaview Refrigerator

While LG has several models of ThinQ refrigerators, we think the Instaview takes things to a new level. The door contains a touchscreen which allows you to see the contents of your fridge, expiration dates, even leave yourself notes. If you head to the grocery store and can’t remember if that jar of mayo is nearly full or nearly empty, the companion app on your phone lets you check on it. You can also stream music to the speakers and enjoy music while you are cooking.  The app even lets you set the fridge in vacation mode, so it saves energy while you are away.

  • June Intelligent Oven

Yes, we know we just mentioned an unnecessary oven and maybe the best use of using something like a cast iron griddle on the stovetop, but the June oven is different. Using an internal camera, the oven identifies what you are cooking (a chicken for example). You simply program the oven to how you want it cooked (crispy, well done, moist) That’s it. The oven uses a thermometer and photos to ensure the food is cooked the way you like it. The oven will notify you via an app when the food is done, or you can watch the food cooking via the camera if that’s your thing. The June oven even keeps the food warm without you having to do anything. How handy is that? No more forgotten timers, overcooked or undercooked food, just put it in and the oven lets you know when dinner is ready.

  • ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

If you haven’t tried or haven’t heard of a sous vide, you are going to want to get one. This device cooks food by placing the items in a plastic pouch or glass container and cooks them via hot water. Better than a slow cooker, this method is extremely precise. The sous vide from ChefSteps doesn’t take up too much room and is compatible with Alexa. The app is filled with easy to make but super tasty recipes and a Visual Doneness feature that shows you what your meal is going to look like when it is finished. Reviewers rave about how this machine enables them to produce restaurant-quality meals without much effort on their part.

  • Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo

If you already use WeMo for lighting, this crock pot works with the same app. The great thing about this crock pot is that if you somehow end up stuck in traffic or working late, you don’t have to worry about your food becoming dried out or burning. Simply tell the crock pot to change to warm or turn it off via the app on your smartphone.

  • Evercook Automated Pressure Cooker

This amazing device seems to do everything for you. Select a recipe from the app, feed the ingredients into the slicer, which slices the items into the perfect size and shape. This pressure cooker mixes and stirs as required and lets you know when the meal is finished. It’s almost like having a chef in the kitchen!

This isn’t an appliance, but we didn’t want to skip what we think is one of the handiest gadgets around, especially if you aren’t ready to replace or you can’t afford those smart appliances. The Hiku Shopping Button. It looks a lot like a fridge magnet, but it helps to keep your kitchen and pantry organized. It will keep a running shopping list for you, let you know which grocery item(s) you are low on, and it even lets you order online through a few partnership stores. Everything will be listed on your phone so there are no more forgotten shopping lists to worry about!

We love all these smart appliances and look forward to whatever innovation technology comes up with next!


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