Tips on Keeping Your Home in Top Shape this Summer

Tips on Keeping Your Home in Top Shape this Summer

Summers have lots of perks that make us look up to them every year. Tasty fruits, beach time, chilled beer, proactive lifestyles, are some of the many reasons to love summers. Your proactiveness must also reflect in the yearly home maintenance period, to make sure it stays in top shape. From looking for the best ac repair near me on Google to making DIY interior changes, there are lots to do! Here, we’d give you tips to maintain your home in the best way during summers.

Ways to maintain your home during summers

Check out the list below to keep your home cool, clean, and on-point during the summers:

     1. Adjust ceiling blades

Do you know that adjusting the blades of the ceiling fan can help your home feel cooler? Similarly, not adjusting or keeping it as it is after winters, prevent maximum productivity.

Since your ceiling fan has not been in use during the colder months, you need to check if it needs repair. Then you need to make the blades move counterclockwise help the breeze push downward.

You can also raise the thermostat setting because it reduces energy consumption by 40% from air conditioners. It still keeps your home cool and lets you save on electricity.

     2. Keep the shades closed during the day

We all want to embrace the warmth of sunshine, but only for the first few hours of our morning. Once the temperature becomes scorching, we look for ways to keep the interiors cool.

Apart from the ceiling fans and AC, you need to close the blinds and shades to prevent your home from heating up. As per research, you can reduce around 45% of heat entering your house if you don’t let the sun in. This is why you need the right shades for your modern windows or insulated drapes for old single-pane windows.

     3. Adjust thermostat before stepping out

All of us want to come back to a cool house but you cannot keep the AC on all the time. Not only does it frequent the number of AC repair but also shoots up your electricity bill.

The best thing you can do is adjust the thermostat. If you raise it by 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not at home, you will save around 10% of costs. The trick works for heating as well, and you can use the same trick for colder months.

You need to, however, have a programmable thermostat to change the temperature regularly. It is the right kind of investment that can save energy in the long run.

People who already have a non- programmable thermostat can incorporate the programmable one, in the same thermostat. Connect with the best AC repair Las Vegas servicemen to do this job at ease.

     4. Clean air filters

Cleaning AC unit and the central air filter can reduce AC repair cost by 20% and keep the home cooler. You cannot expect a clogged and dirty AC filter to give you the best cooling effect, can you?

A dirty filter decreases the effectiveness of the air handler system, which leads to waste energy and high energy bills. If you change the filter frequently, it helps you maintain better air quality and prevent allergens.

You need AC maintenance and filter checking once in every month. At an average, you need to change the filter once every three months. Following this will keep you away from dire times of finding the AC not working!

     5. Tune up your AC

AC repair is not just about the filters. With time, your AC starts losing efficiency and that adds on because it stays off for prolonged periods during winters.

Many times, we think putting the AC at 60 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to keep us going. Even if it works well, it will escalate your bill by two times and also exert excess pressure on AC.

There are times when we can DIY thermostat changes and filter cleaning, but we cannot do an overall AC repair. You need to hire professionals for complete maintenance and to also enhance the longevity of your product.

Professionals check parts like blower fan belts, cooler pads, and can suggest you how to use the AC more efficiently

     6. Insulate and seal the attic hatch

Most of us miss out on maintaining the attic not realizing how warm it gets during the summers. Would you believe that attics can reach a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit and make it unbearable for you to get in there?

You need to insulate and seal the attic properly so that neither does it become extremely warm not does it radiate that into the house. Sealing the leaks and adding the right insulation level can minimize warm airflow. This improves your home and lowers the energy costs.

     7. Clear gutter clutter

All through fall and winter, your gutter accumulates debris and dried leaves. It can cause serious damage if you don’t clear it just as summers set in.

Take out a weekend to climb up a ladder and do it yourself. Use gloves and cover yourself with an extra set of clothes that you can dispose of. Use a trowel to pull out anything that clogs your gutter or weighs it down. Finally, take the garden hose, go up the ladder again, and flush out the gutter.

A yearly cleaning is essential for your gutter. If you think the task is too much for you, call in professionals to do the right treatment.

     8. Check for repairs

Summer is the perfect time to check every part of your home that may need repair. You should power-wash the concentrate surfaces and lubricate the locks, door hinges, sliding glass door and garage doors.

Figure out if you have any plumbing requirements by checking the faucets, previous leaks, and other aspects that might need attention.

Summer is also the perfect season to remodel your home. If you’re looking forward to a drastic change, you can revamp your home before it gets too hot to handle.

     9. Reseal granite countertops

Natural granite is hard and dense, but easy to maintain compared to other surfaces. However, granite is also easy to stain so you need to follow a proper maintenance routine.

You should reseal granite with the help of a silicone-based penetrating sealer in every 6 to 12 months. At other times, stick to mixing water and mild soap for constant care and maintenance.

     10. Inspect for insects

Summers make your home a playground for insects but you need to ruin their fun. Insects survive in this season and they tend to creep into your home.

You need to call in pest control service and keep your home away from insects. However, it will not protect your home all through the season and you will have to do your bit too.

Buy mosquito, cockroach, ant and lizard repellents to ensure that they don’t invade your home. Keep cleaning cobwebs found in the crevices along with the exteriors to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

All of us want to let fresh air come in during summer mornings and evenings. But to keep the bugs away, we need to buy a reliable screen and protect our home.

Final thoughts

Regular cleaning is must during the summers and you also need to make sure the home smells well. Follow these easy tips by yourself or with the help of experts, to only enjoy the benefits of this season and prevent the drawbacks.


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