Exploring the Southern Flavors: 10 Must-try Recipes in Myrtle Beach

Southern Flavors

With summer vacations right around the corner, it is about time you start planning what to do and where to go.

Nothing makes the vacations more enjoyable than spending the day out on a beach, stroll in the amusement parks, shop around the local and international outlets, and enjoy an amazing dining experience from simple coastal dishes to eclectic multiple course dinners.

Myrtle Beach is definitely a tourist spot that offers a multitude of attractions and adventures. With its broad sandy beaches and an endless number of hotels, Myrtle Beach is full of entertainment, adventures, and excitement.

Myrtle Beach for the Food

If you’re in Myrtle Beach, you’re in to have a spectacular dining experience. From simplistic coastal dishes rich in southern flavor to casual bistros, and coastal view culinary setups to exotic fine dining restaurants in Myrtle Beach, the place is a real treat for foodies.

Myrtle Beach has remained a tourist attraction for its long coastline and beaches, but what has really become the focal point of tourism for the city is the impressive culinary experience that is becoming widely popular.

From comfort food to scrumptious seafood, there is a huge list of recipes you must try. We’ve cherry-picked some of the best southern recipes of Myrtle Beach that will leave you wanting for more.

  1. Shrimps and Grits

Fresh from the Atlantic, Myrtle Beach restaurants offer you the mouthwatering combination of shrimps with grits. Being a traditional dish of the coastal South Carolina and Georgia, you cannot be in Myrtle Beach and not try this for your lunch or supper.

You can find a variety of versions of this classic southern recipe and have the real taste of South Carolina seafood.

  1. Oyster Roasts

If you choose to visit Myrtle Beach in between September and April, you can enjoy the incredible oyster roast. You’ll find several events and festivals celebrating oyster, giving you a chance to munch on this delicious recipe.

Make sure to slurp down these oysters at any chance you get.

Nothing beats the amazing salty taste of grill-cooked oysters served with cocktail sauce, melted butter and saltine crackers. Pairing up this traditional southern seafood recipe with Shatter Grenache 2012 makes the meal even more appetizing.

  1. Chicken Bog

A mighty combination of chicken, rice and sausage, chicken bog is traditional soul food of South Carolina. Cooked as a one-pot meal, chicken bog is simple yet has the most delicious flavors to offer to your taste buds. The dish has an entire annual event, Loris Bog-off festival dedicated to it.

  1. Frogmore Stew

Originated from the Frogmore community, this dish is a low-country classic. Making use of common ingredients like sausage, shellfish (shrimp and crab), corn, potatoes, and onions, Frogmore stew is a one-pot seafood dinner.

You’ll find it with other names like Beaufort Stew and Low-Country Stew, too. It’s a combination of Myrtle Beach’s peak summer offerings that will give you the real taste of seafood and coastal cuisine.

  1. Pulled Pork

Slow cooked pulled pork is one of the mouthwatering classic dishes of the south. You’ll find in almost all barbecue menus in the city. Season with salt and pepper and topped with vinegar, this recipe has multiple versions, depending upon where you are.

It can be grilled and oven-roasted too and served with different sauces to give a richer taste. When cooked with yellow mustard, it gives an authentic southern taste with the mustard punch.

  1. South Carolina Barbecue

If you happen to be in Myrtle Beach, there’s no way to dine in and not eat the South Carolina barbecue. It’s deemed as the best across the country! There is no other place in America where you’ll find multiple official barbecue sauces – South Carolina offers four!

  1. Soul Food Fried Chicken

Crispy chicken with perfectly-seasoned skin, this soul food of Myrtle Beach is known for its textures and flavors. If you’re a fan of fried chicken, this is a must-eat for you, because the southern fried chicken has been the culinary standard for American fried chicken since as long as the 1700s.

  1. Pimento Cheese

Commonly found in sandwiches, pimento cheese is widely popular among southerners. They make a mean pimento cheese sandwich and carry it with them to picnics and events. While everyone has their own recipe for pimento cheese sandwiches, you can find this scrumptious snack on the menu of almost every home-style and street restaurant in the city.

You can even find them in grocery stores and online, showing the extent of admiration southern people has towards this simple recipe.

  1. Collard Greens

Served with bacon usually, this southern dish is cooked on the New Year’s Day in Myrtle Beach restaurants as a good luck tradition. Using the combination of crispy bacon, onion, garlic, pepper flakes, a hint of brown sugar and a tang of vinegar, collard greens are simmered in the broth to give you a perfect staple cooked in a scrumptious manner.

  1. Fried Catfish

Myrtle Beach dining is famous for its seafood. Fried catfish is another yummy southern dish that is coated in spicy oatmeal and is deep fried until it reaches an appealing crispy, golden brown from the outside. Paired up with a tartar sauce, side of southern hushpuppies and Shatter Grenache 2012, it can make a complete meal to have with the amazing view of the coast.

The traditional and classic southern recipes in the Myrtle Beach cuisine can make your experience even more fulfilling. It makes an amazing place to visit and is swiftly becoming a hub of the best southern culinary. So, if you want to have a real southern taste, Myrtle Beach is the place to go!

About Author:-

Curry Martin is a 1996 graduate of the Johnson & Wales University Culinary School in Charleston, South Carolina. He began his culinary career at Noble’s Restaurant in North Carolina. There, Martin strived to uphold Noble’s mantra on absolute freshness and keeping flavors of foods as natural as possible. Upon returning to the U.S., he worked at Sonoma Bistro in Charlotte and Prestige Wines. When he finally decided to open a restaurant of his own, Martin was determined to stand out from the typical dining options found in Myrtle Beach by serving dishes driven by the freshness and balanced flavors, and by offering diners a sophisticated yet extremely comfortable setting and exceptional service.


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