Physical Symptoms and Side Effects of Anxiety

Physical Symptoms and Side Effects of Anxiety

Anxiety is believed to be a collection of disorders that result in fear, worries, and nervousness. This disorder can mess your day to day activities. At some point, you cannot even be in opposition to identify the triggers that may cause anxiety. At this point, you may realize that there is a need for anti-anxiety medication.

Anxiety can help you at some point in life, thus being advantageous. At this point, the anxiety will be pushing you to achieve your goals and dreams. This is usually a short term kind of anxiety. However, there are times that anxiety is dangerous. At this point, you should seek the doctor’s advice to help you out.  Your doctor will prescribe you anti-anxiety pills that you may find online from a trusted online pharmaceutical supplier.

Anxiety symptoms

There are several anxiety symptoms. Below are signs that should cause an alarm if you experience them and they include;

    feeling nervous, tense, or fearful


    panic attack, in severe cases

    a rapid heart rate

    fast breathing, or hyperventilation






    difficulty concentrating

    sleep problems


    digestive issues

    feeling too cold or too hot

    chest pain

    obsessive thoughts

Anxiety effects on the body

Most of the time, people believe that stress only affects your mental health. However, this is not the truth. Anxiety may increase your infection risk and also affects your digestion system as well. Research has shown that anxiety can alter your respiratory, cardiovascular, and urinary system. You should never get worried just in case you experiencing any of these anxiety symptoms as there are anxiety pills online and the local pharmacies.

Physical Symptoms and Side Effects of Anxiety


Insomnia is one of the anxiety symptoms. This is usually a long term symptom. You will realize that you start developing sleep disorder hence experiencing sleepless nights.  Thus you need to get treatment for anxiety as well as the treatment of insomnia.

Respiratory and breathing changes

Anxiety affects your respiratory system. Thus you will find that you may be having a rapid and shallow breath. This is known as hyperventilation. At this point, the lungs will take in more oxygen to be ready to fight the condition. This condition may make you feel like your body is not getting enough oxygen hence the need to gasp for breath.

Cardiovascular system response

Cardiovascular is one of the systems that are affected by anxiety. Your heart will tend to beat faster than it should. Thus it will be pumping blood faster; hence, the body will be getting more oxygen to help fight the condition by making sure that the body gets enough nutrients and blood to your muscle.

Impaired immune system

Research shows that anxiety can boost your immunity. However, this is usually when it’s short term anxiety. The impact may be the opposite if it is a long term situation. Thus, if you have experienced anxiety for a more extended period, then you are prone to infections such as common cold and many more.

Anxiety and the digestive system

Stress and depression are believed to the underlying factor for concern. The effects are felt to be causing digestive diseases. Thus you may experience symptoms like diarrhea and stomach churning. Anxiety can also increase or lower your appetite.

Anxiety and urinary response

Research shows that those who are anxious are prone to an increased urge to urinate. Thus controlling their bladder is something that is not easy.


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Physical Symptoms and Side Effects of Anxiety

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