How to Moisturize Hair: Tips and Tricks

How to Moisturize Hair: Tips and Tricks

Dry, brittle hair. It’s probably one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Your hair starts to look dull. It breaks often. You can get dandruff. You need to learn how to moisturize hair.

But there is a solution.Moisturize. Hair breakage can be caused by several things ( :

An unhealthy diet, low in essential vitamins. When we eat unhealthy, processed foods, our body can’t get the proper nutrients it needs to function. It will start to use the nutrients it has for essential functions, causing your hair to lose out.

The sebaceous gland (located in your hair follicles) not producing enough moisture.

Stress, which can interrupt the hair growth cycle and cause hair loss.

Dry hair such as can be caused by the weather. Another common cause of dry hair is if your hair type is more porous.

Next heat damage from your curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer can cause damage when overused.

Washing your hair too often. Our hair needs its natural oils to retain its shine. Depending on the amount of oil in your hair, excess washes can strip out these important oils.

Too many treatments of color, perms, or relaxers can also damage your hair.

Worry not, with the solutions below, you’re bound to find a way to bring moisture back to your dreary locks.

How to Moisturize Hair: Best Practices

Investing is shampoo designed for dry hair. The shampoos will contain either aloe vera or apricot kernel oil and keep moisture locked inside of your hair.

Don’t shampoo every day. As mentioned before, you should only shampoo based on the needs of your hair. If your hair is extra dry, no more than once a week is ideal. Even if your hair is not dry, try to limit washing your hair to once a day.

How to Moisturize Hair: Tips and Tricks

What to do on the days when you don’t wash? Invest in a good leave-in conditioner. Applying a leave-in conditioner on your non-wash days will help your hair to stay moist.

Another thing to try on non-wash days is to skip the shampoo and go straight to your conditioner. This will moisten your hair while giving you that just washed feel.

Try an apple cider vinegar rinse. Dilute the vinegar, applying it to your hair and letting it sit for five minutes. Afterward, shampoo your hair as normal. This also works great for unwanted bugs in your hair.

Another great rinse is the baking soda rinse. Mix 1 teaspoon with your shampoo to remove all man-made chemicals from your hair.

Now here’s a fun rinse to try out- the beer rinse. Take 3 tablespoons of your favorite beer and mix it with a half a cup of warm water. Use as a conditioner after shampooing, and you will never look at beer the same way again.

Other Tips

You can also use butter to moisturize your hair. Take a small chunk and massage it into your scalp, letting it sit under a shower cap for 30 minutes. Once rinsed with shampoo, you’ll be amazed at how moist your hair feels.

Another staple food item that can moisturize your hair is mayonnaise. Like butter, apply it to your hair before letting it sit. Rinse with shampoo afterward.

Olive oil can also be beneficial in moisturizing your hair. Just like we used oil on baby skin, a half of cup of olive oil left to set in your hair for 45 minutes will work wonders. Bonus: it will also get rid of any paint in your hair.

How to Moisturize Hair: Tips and Tricks

Another on our list of the DIY moisturizers is Tea. Make it as normal, applying it to your hair and letting it set. All the antioxidant properties in the tea will infuse your hair with moisture.

A common way to moisturize is with Natural Shea Hair butter. Apply some before and after your shower for true protection.

One key step in how to moisturize hair is to stay away from the sun. Already damaged hairs are even more susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays. Take the time to wear a hat or scarf when you leave the house. Much like your skin, there are also leave-in UV sprays for your hair.

Final Tips

Similarly, the chemicals in the pool can cause damage to your hair. Try conditioning your hair with a thick oil before taking a dive to protect it from damage.

Use a leave-in moisturizer before a styling mousse or cream to seal in moisture.

Another great way the moisturize your hair weekly is with a hot oil treatment. Coconut oil is a great option for this. Once heated, apply to your hair and allow to sit for 30 minutes. Coconut oil penetrates down to the root of your hair to seal in moisture.

Make sure you are getting the proper vitamins. Your hair is an indicator of health.

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Now that you have read our guide on how to moisturize hair, dry hair is no longer an option.

Overwhelmed at where to start? Try one option.

Everyone has a different hair type. Plus, what works for someone may not work for you and your schedule. It may take a few different tries before you find what works for you. But you won’t know until you try!

And while you are at it, why not try NutriXen for your hair health and body health? It’s a great option which can change the way your hair looks in one simple step a day.

Take the first step.

In no time, you will have hair that belongs on a movie set.


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